Bad Credit History?

What happens if you find yourself at a golden opportunity like this, for example, to attend an interesting training that you expect all year long but do not have enough money to attend? What are you going to do? Will you miss this chance?

Realizing that some options are too good to pass up, you try to borrow from a nearby bank to cover the fee and travel expenses. You have previous experience with a credit card, but it’s not that profitable. Now what? What are the options?


The dilemma

bad credit history

Fast money can be a powerful tool that opens doors and leads to more opportunities. But how do you handle and seize opportunities when you have a bad credit record?

How do you swim and move forward?


The welcome alternative

poor credit

So you have a bad CCR? No problem. Yes, right, in such cases there are fast online loans. You may have experienced difficulties in the past and there is nothing wrong with that.

Meet Seratum. We often lend fast loans to people with credit history.


Positive start

credit score

We understand that lending is more than a financial transaction – it is a relationship built on trust and loyalty.

If you have bad credit and need money urgently to cover your running costs, it may be a good payday loan.

Applying for a Seratum loan is easy. Just visit Titania and fill out the online application form. The application takes a few minutes and once approved, you receive the money in the bank account you specified on the same day.