Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea FC LIVE! Lukaku and James’ goals decide Premier League derby – result, match broadcast, updates


The Blues’ £ 98million signing from Inter Milan had an immediate impact following his return to a club record, scoring under 15 minutes in the London derby.

Reece James scored Lukaku’s opener and then blew up the house himself, closing a nice move from Chelsea.

The Blues held on after the break to claim their second straight league victory, having beaten Crystal Palace 3-0 last weekend.

As Chelsea rose to the top of the table, Arsenal fell to 19th place thanks to their winless start in the new campaign.

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta will be under immediate scrutiny, with Chelsea’s loss coming just after the 2-0 loss to Brentford.

Life doesn’t get any easier for Arsenal, with champions Man City on the side. As for Chelsea, they seem capable of taking on a serious challenge for the title with Lukaku in the lead now.

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That’s it guys

Okay, that’s it for tonight.

It’s been a tough day for Arsenal, and given that Man City are next, there might be more pain before things improve. Still, the Gunners have plenty of talented young players to build with for the new season, so fans will have to trust the process – but how long can Mikel Arteta use that excuse? Time will tell us.

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As for Chelsea, they look scary. The defense is tight, the full-backs are a constant threat, the midfielder catches it all, and at Romelu Lukaku they now have a world-class No.9 to intimidate the defenses into making mistakes. It looks like it could be a great year for them, but like Arsenal, we’ll see in the weeks and months to come.


We’ll be back early tomorrow morning for more information, feedback and analysis – goodbye for now.


Arteta on the boos of Arsenal fans

Arsenal were booed at half-time and at the end of the 2-0 loss, but Arteta praised the crowd’s reaction during the game.

“I see a lot of positives with the crowd and the team today,” he added.

“The way they supported the team from the start. At the end, I didn’t see any bad reaction from the players when the players were substituted, I see a good reaction. But that’s my opinion. “


Arteta on an “unprecedented” situation

Mikel Arteta has told his Arsenal players not to feel sorry for themselves after suffering a second consecutive defeat in the new campaign, with more players absent due to an outbreak of Covid-19 cases at the club .

He told Sky Sports: “This is one of the tough times you have to go through in your playing career and your managerial career because the circumstances are really tough and probably unprecedented.

“You have to face them. Self-pity doesn’t help. You have to face the challenge, face the criticism because it will come.

“We are Arsenal football club, we have to win every football game but we have to stand together. The spirit the team showed in the second half, losing 2-0 and knowing it’s hard to beat a team like them right now, we never gave up.


Simon Colling | Arsenal correspondent


Tuchel explains James’ injury

There were concerns that Reece James would return to play after he appeared to have been knocked out, but Tuchel confirms that was not the case.

“He was not at all unconscious and worried about breaking a tooth, which is why he was shocked.”


Tuchel on Lukaku’s teamwork

Tuchel believes his partnership with Mount and Kai Havertz will only get better with more playing time.

He added: “I wasn’t expecting too much. I wanted to be open to look at him and see his strengths and his ability to adapt. To reconnect with Kai, Mason and him, that’s what he did very well. Guys love to play among themselves and from now on we can get into the specifics.


Tuchel greets Lukaku “intelligent and humble”

Thomas Tuchel praised Lukaku for giving the team something different after taking off on his second stint at the club.

“I’m very happy with how he’s already integrated. He’s a very smart guy, he loves being in the squad and he’s a very democratic leader because he talks to everyone and is very nice, humble, ”the German told Sky Sports.

“He gives something to our game that we didn’t have so much to protect the balls and to play very direct in attack, until the last line. You can’t start better than with a goal. He almost scored a second. He helped a few chances, half chances so a good start.


Chelsea player ratings

James Robson did the same for Chelsea today, and Lukaku and James were the stars of the show for the Blues.


Arsenal player ratings

Simon Collings was in the Emirates to lead Arsenal players.

Unsurprisingly, Pablo Mari scored 3/10 … and Kieran Tierney did not do better.

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Full time! Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea

That’s it, Chelsea take all three points today.

It’s a deserved win for the Blues, with Lukaku showing why they will be title challengers this quarter.

Things can only get better for Arsenal – but with Man City on the side, they might have to get worse before that.


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