Australian referee Jarred Gillett’s groundbreaking journey to the Premier League


Just over two years after saying goodbye to Australia and the A-League, referee Jarred Gillett is now set to referee an English Premier League game.

Gillett moved to the UK in 2019 to pursue non-football affairs, but decided to continue officiating when he could.

The Australian has since moved quickly through the official ranks and last month was promoted to officiate in the Premier League next season.

Football Australia Refereeing General Manager Mathew Cheeseman has been following Gillett’s journey closely and can’t wait to see him break new ground for referees in England.

“It’s a great story and it’s one that the whole country from a football perspective should be really proud of – not just in refereeing,” said Cheeseman. The world football program.

“Jarred is potentially about to do something that no one else has done before and he is the first foreigner to referee an English Premier League game.

“For him, being Australian is a huge feather in our cap here too.

“Jarred is doing fantastically well since moving to the UK. He first moved there in 2019 for study reasons, working at John Moores University in Liverpool, he also his doctorate, so he’s a very educated young man.

“He made his way there. He was first offered a contract by PGMO, the organization for professional match officials in the UK. He was first offered a contract. contract as a selection group of group 2 which takes care of the matches of the Football League therefore Championship, League One, League Two.

“He worked his way through this panel very quickly and so much so that last season he was appointed to referee the Championship play-off semi-final between Brentford and Bournemouth after only being there for two years. A real feat for him.

News then came out last month that he is one of four referees who have been added to the Select Group One panel for this season, which makes him eligible to referee English Premier League games and everyone here is looking forward to this first date. “

Gillett’s rapid rise could continue, with Cheeseman revealing that the 34-year-old could be selected by the England FA in the future and in turn officiate at UEFA matches.

“As for the international aspect of things, Jarred left his post on the FIFA panel as an Australian official at the end of 2019,” Cheeseman said.

“Is there any opportunity to progress to being nominated by England on their FIFA international panel? There is and is for the FA to determine what their eligibility requirements are and whether they require anyone ‘one is a citizen before being appointed. ”


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