Buckeyes already focused on TTUN


We’ve all heard stories of how the Ohio State football team prepares. They prepare all year for The Game against TTUN. Every week of the season they have some sort of game plan they work on for that game. This year, it will go up a notch.

That’s because the Buckeyes lost to TTUN for the first time in a decade last year, ending their hopes of making the college football playoffs. It was a painful loss for everyone involved, including Ohio State football fans. No one wants to see their team lose to them.

This year, the Buckeyes are already focused on TTUN. They want to win the rematch here in Columbus. However, they won’t neglect any other opponent ahead of this game. Ohio State knows they have some quality opponents to face before TTUN comes to town.

But make no mistake, this team is ready for this season-ending game. The Buckeyes will be preparing even more each week to make sure what happened last November won’t happen again. This victory helped put some juice back into the rivalry.

Ryan Day and his team will make sure that they have periods of each practice where they implement something that they will use against TTUN. They do anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they increase that period in terms of the number of games they play.

Everyone around this program is committed to not letting what happened in November happen again. It’s up to the players to work on improving every day to make sure they don’t lose The Game at home.


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