Buffalo Bills vs Washington Football Team: open discussion in the first half


The Buffalo Bills host the Washington football team in Game 3 of the 2021 NFL season. Both teams come off some exciting Week 2 wins, albeit different versions of ‘exciting’. The Bills outscored the Miami Dolphins en route to a resounding 35-0 victory, while Washington managed a wild back-and-forth with the New York Giants thanks to a 43-yard field goal from Dustin Hopkins at the end of the time limit. They came away with a 30-29 victory.

In what was to be a kind of homecoming for former Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, the game will now be kicked off by Washington replacement Taylor Heinicke. Fitzpatrick suffered a hip injury in Week 1 and has since been placed on the injured list. Heinicke leads an attack that has a few weapons, including running back Antonio Gibson, wide receiver Terry McLaurin and tight end Logan Thomas.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen is looking for that exceptional performance to silence the chorus of ‘regression’, and while his main motivation certainly isn’t to silence his ‘enemies’, he definitely seems to be in a bit of a hurry early in the game. season. The Bills also played against two top-notch defenses to start the year, so Allen’s pedestrian stats (56% completion rate, 449 passing yards, three passing touchdowns) aren’t yet alarming. .

Your discussion thread from the first half is here, folks. Remember to sort comments by “oldest” for the traditional game feed experience. Use that “Z” key to your heart’s content. Be courteous to each other. And oh yes, enjoy the game wherever you are.

Go the bills!


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