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Auburn Tigers quarterback Bo Nix (10) secures the ball as Texas A&M Aggies linebacker Andre White Jr. (32) tackles during the game at Kyle Field on November 6, 2021.

Eric Starling for OA News

Rating of Auburn’s loss to Texas A&M:


Auburn’s offense couldn’t find the end zone and gathered only field goal attempts, which is a failed performance. The Tigers barely mustered a constant threat. When the coaches got to the bottom of their bag of stuff, things only got worse. It was a horrendous performance from 1 to 11 and all along the coach’s surface as well.


The defense, at least, kept Texas A&M out of the end zone, which should be enough to win a game of football. The Texas A&M scoop and score weren’t the defense’s fault. But at the same time, the Tigers haven’t been able to come up with much in terms of big plays, and playing to ‘bend but not break’ isn’t so great when you let the other team dictate the pace of the game. and control it from start to finish. It’s a tough ranking, but Texas A&M has made its way through Auburn territory too often and with too much ease to get a B.


Anders Carlson missed out on what is an easy field goal by his excellent standards, and Auburn hasn’t made any big comebacks either. Auburn’s special teams did not perform badly overall, but didn’t do anything exceptional either.


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