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CHARLOTTE — Charlotte FC’s Spanish language broadcast team calls the matches from the Telemundo studio to WSOC-TV and explained how they connect audiences to the game despite being dozens of miles away from the stock.

Jaime Moreno is one half of the broadcast team – the play-by-play commentator. He is also the Spanish voice of the Carolina Panthers and a veteran broadcaster of more than 30 years and says commentating on games was a passion of his from a young age.

“I remember going to my garden and playing games, football or soccer…and I was broadcasting it. I get so emotional,” Moreno said.

The other half of the team is color commentator Antonio Ramos, whose career began with the Carolina Panthers broadcasts in Mexico.

Now the dynamic duo bring their enthusiasm for the game to our studio, complementing each other’s knowledge and strengths.

“Jaime focuses on where the ball is going and where the action is… but me, as a color analyst, I have to watch the other areas of the pitch where sometimes the fans don’t see what’s going on” , Ramos said. .

Ramos said the two look a lot like another famous duo.

“He’s the Batman. I’m the Robin,” Ramos said.

Moreno said the bond between the two is genuine, and it’s what helps them connect with the public and compensate for their distance from the pitch.

“Sometimes I tell him, ‘I talk to you more than to my wife,'” Moreno said.

Ramos said he met Jaime and the Spanish-speaking Panthers team during a soccer camp in his hometown in Mexico.

Ramos had planned a trip with his parents for this weekend, but he saw an opportunity to develop his career – and it turned out to be the right decision.

Seven years have passed since that fateful meeting, and Ramos and Moreno are now known even to English speakers.

“It’s even better when you hear American fans who don’t speak Spanish say, ‘Hey, I love these guys, I don’t understand anything they’re saying,'” Ramos said.

Moreno said the game is a way for many people to disconnect and connect with the team and “the beautiful game” instead.

“I want to make sure that when you tune in to us, you’re going to put it all behind and stay focused with us, and when you go to bed you say ‘what game’,” Moreno said.

You can hear Moreno and Ramos commentating on every Charlotte FC match on Telemundo Charlotte.

At 5 p.m. on Channel 9, reporter DaShawn Brown sits down to talk to the duo.

(WATCH BELOW: Charlotte FC ready for their first home game against rivals Atlanta United)


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