Chris Culver ‘makes Mosley High School football team look easy’


The News Herald will spotlight 11 of Bay County’s top high school football players for the 2021 season, with one player per day until the No.1 player is revealed on August 25.

Arriving at # 3: Mosley senior Chris Culver.

Few Panhandle teams have as many talented wide receivers as Mosley brings in the 2021 season. Of these talented pass catchers, perhaps none is more gifted at athletics than Chris Culver.

The 6-foot-3, 190-pound senior has the speed to get behind defense and the size and ability to jump to simply pass defenders to make contested catches.

Over the past two seasons, Culver has caught 48 passes for 704 yards and six touchdowns, and he’ll be looking to make his last season in high school his best.

Mosley coach Tommy Joe Whiddon has only coached Culver since January but said he has only started to scratch the surface of his potential as a football player.

“Chris has a chance, I think, not only to be the best receiver in the region, but I think he has the potential to be the best receiver in the Panhandle and beyond,” said Whiddon. “He has a large catch radius which gives him the ability to make difficult catches very easy. Every day in training he faces Isaac Paul, who has an DI bid as a corner, and our other corner Cameron Keys is not. not far behind. These guys make Chris better every day. We can’t wait to see what Chris’s year will be like. ”

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We asked Chris to talk about the upcoming season and what he thinks for himself and his teammates this fall.

What are you looking forward to the most for the coming season?

Mosley winning team football matches.

Which game are you looking forward to the most this season and why?

Choctaw game. I know a lot of players and coaches from this school.

If you had to compare your playing style to any college or professional player, who would it be?

I would say Michael Thomas.

What is your greatest strength as a player and your greatest weakness?

The greatest strength is winning 50/50 balls. Biggest weakness ….

Do you have personal / statistical goals for this season and if so what are they?

To put the team in winning situations and rack up more touches and yards this season.

Which other player on your team do we need to watch and why?

The whole list. All my teammates are like that!

What are your projects or ambitions at university?

To play football to the next level.

What’s your favorite moment of your high school career so far?

My one-handed catch in my sophomore year against Bay.

What’s one thing you can guarantee that you or your team will do this season?

Play as hard as possible.


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