Cleaner who had child with Premier League president loses £ 18million fortune


Leon Crouch is hailed for the role he played as Southampton chairman in helping them avoid liquidation after the club’s administration in 2008

Barabara Jadrych had a child while staying with Leon Crouch

A cleaner who had a baby with the former Southampton president has earned part of his £ 18million fortune.

Barbara Jadrych, 39, formed a relationship with Leon Crouch in 2011, while working for him.

The two went on to have a daughter and lived together at her £ 8.5million Hampshire mansion until her death in 2019.

Mr Crouch was slated to marry Ms Jadrych, but died of cancer just three weeks before the ceremony was due.

According to the Sun, Barbara issued a High Court subpoena saying her late husband had promised to look after her financially after her death.

Mr Crouch had a fortune of around £ 18million at the time of his death in 2019

This was disputed on the basis of a will made in 2016, saying that she should have been added as a discretionary beneficiary.

A source told The Sun that Barbara’s daughter had to take a test to prove Crouch was the girl’s father.

Although the settlement was not disclosed, court documents say she owed “a reasonable financial allowance” that could run into the millions.

Mr Crouch has been billed as one of Southampton’s saviors, helping to bring the club back from the brink during their financial woes in 2007.

A year earlier he had paid over £ 1.6million to buy a significant stake in the club, becoming chairman the following year.

He is credited with keeping Southampton afloat during these years, drawing from his own pocket to pay salaries after taking office in 2009.

Mr Crouch left a lasting legacy at Southampton for helping the club during their time of need

After deciding that a statue of legend of Saints Ted Bates was not suitable, he also spent around £ 500,000 to rebuild it more appropriately.

Crouch was also a famous philanthropist and raised thousands of pounds for many causes with the mayor of his hometown describing him as a ‘local hero’ after his death.

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