College Football Rankings: Top 25 NCAA Teams Planned After Week 9


The top 25 teams in college football will be shaken up again after another upheaval Saturday.

Three top 10 teams – No.6 Michigan, No.9 Iowa and No.10 Ole Miss – all lost in Week 9, further refining the top 25 teams before the rankings were first published college football qualifiers.

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The Wolverines in particular lost big in Week 9; Although they fought Michigan State’s No.8 hard in what ended up being a 37-33 loss at Spartan Stadium, Jim Harbaugh faces the heat again after his team lost a lead 30-14 in the second half. (The officials did nothing to help their cause). Iowa’s loss was also demoralizing: the Hawkeyes, coming off a pass, lost their second straight game, to Wisconsin, in a 27-7 snoozer.

Lane Kiffin’s Rebels performed well enough at No.18 Auburn, but were stopped three times at fourth in the Tigers’ red zone. A single conversion – or a few field goals – would have changed the direction of a game that ultimately saw Auburn win 31-20. Currently, Ole Miss now sits third in the SEC West Division race.

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Elsewhere, Pitt fans remained enraged after a controversial safety call – or lack of it – saw Miami score one shot, squandering an otherwise fantastic performance by Heisman Trophy prospect Kenny Pickett.

It wasn’t all loss and upheaval, however. Ohio State’s No.5, No.11 Notre Dame and No.16 Baylor have all dropped wins to stay with one loss each this season. The Buckeyes defeated No. 20 Penn State 33-24; the Fighting Irish defeated North Carolina 44-34; and the Bears beat Texas 31-24.

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All of these games and many more will redistribute the last rankings among the top 25. With that, Sporting News awaits the publication of Sunday’s poll, trying to project what the latest ranking will look like:

Projected college football ranking for week 10

Rank Team Save
1 Georgia 8-0
2 Cincinnati 8-0
3 Alabama 7-1
4 Oklahoma 9-0
5 Ohio state 7-1
6 Michigan State 8-0
7 Oregon 7-1
8 Michigan 7-1
9 our Lady 7-1
ten Wake forest 8-0
11 Oklahoma State 7-1
12 Texas A&M 6-2
13 Auburn 6-2
14 Baylor 7-1
15 Ole Miss 6-2
16 Kentucky 6-2
17 Iowa 6-2
18 Houston 7-1
19 Pitt 6-2
20 Louisiana 7-1
21 SMU 7-1
22 Coastal Carolina 7-1
23 BYU 7-2
24 San Diego State 7-1
25 State of pennsylvania 5-3

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