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The Maui Police Department was reaccredited Saturday by the Law Enforcement Agencies Accreditation Commission.

It was the ninth time the department had received accredited status since it was first accredited in August 1996.

According to an MPD press release, the self-initiated assessment process requires agencies to adhere to professional standards in policies and procedures, administration, operations and support services. He said the benefits of accreditation include increased community awareness, greater accountability within the agency, reduced risk and liability, and government support.

“There has been a lot of hard work and effort behind the scenes to maintain this accreditation over the past 26 years,” Police Chief John Pelletier said in the news release. “I would especially like to thank our Accreditation Manager, Deputy Chief Gregg Okamoto, and the Quality Assurance staff, who have spent countless hours ensuring this agency remains at such a high standard. “

To maintain accreditation, an agency first undergoes a systematic, internal analysis of operations, management and practices to determine compliance with applicable standards, according to the press release. Next, commission assessors will review all agency records and conduct interviews with people associated with the agency and review public testimony to confirm compliance with the standards. A report is generated and submitted for review by the commission, which makes a final accreditation decision.

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