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The Maui Charter Commission will discuss ethics, general arrangements and advice / commissions during its virtual meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

The committee will examine 25 different proposals on the subjects, nine of which relate to the Ethics Council. The proposals include creating an executive director, providing the board with independent staff and legal counsel, and creating residency requirements for board members.

Other proposals for boards and commissions include changing the way members are appointed to seats and giving more appointing power to the Maui County Council or an independent selection committee.

Currently, the mayor appoints the members and the council confirms the nominations.

Agenda items are subject to cancellation and will be resumed in the order listed, time permitting, according to a press release. The committee will receive testimony on the topics on its agenda as it moves from one theme to another. At meetings, the public can testify by video or telephone.

Written testimonials can be emailed to [email protected] It must be submitted at least two working days before meetings to allow distribution to members. For more information and to join the meeting through BlueJeans, see

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