Crystal Palace: American businessman John Textor takes a stake in the Premier League club


Crystal Palace has welcomed John Textor as a new major shareholder, the American businessman investing £ 87.5million in the Premier League club.

Athleticism revealed in June that Textor was interested in buying Palace.

Textor has now joined Chairman Steve Parish, Josh Harris and David Blitzer as Palace owners and directors.

Textor told the club’s website on Wednesday: “I have looked at many opportunities in European football in which to invest so that I can follow my passion for football and have a meaningful stake in a club.

“During the last six months of discussions I have also developed a real affinity with Crystal Palace, its history, the staff and, of course, most importantly, the supporters who create an incredible atmosphere in every game – an atmosphere that I can’t wait to witness again when the fans come back to fill Selhurst Park this season.

“I look forward to working with the President and other partners. “

Parish added, “We have been looking for the right investment for the right investor for some time, both to move the club forward and to deal with the significant financial challenges of the past 18 months due to COVID.

“I am delighted that the research has led us to John, who has made a significant investment, helping to facilitate membership rejuvenation, bolster the bottom line and allow the club to finalize the Academy. We all look forward to working with John, who has a strong passion for football and a growing knowledge and affinity with Crystal Palace. “

Textor is probably best known for his role as co-president of Digital Domain, a Los Angeles-based visual effects company. They notably created the effects of the Titanic, winner of an Oscar in 1997.


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