De Gea: Cristiano’s impact at Manchester United is already here, it can be a great year


Manchester United goalkeeper David de Géa believes the club can become serious Premier League title contenders with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

The Spain international saw the former real Madrid the man arrives, alongside his former teammate Raphael Varane and young Jadon Sancho as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looked to strengthen his squad this summer.

It allowed Manchester United move up to third place in the Premier League table after five games, only behind Chelsea and Liverpool.

“We brought in some good players and we already had a good team. We’re there at the top of the league fighting for every game, of course it’s tough, it’s the best league in the world,” From Géa told Sky Sports.

“Every game is tough, we want to fight for the big trophies, try to fight for the Premier League, the Champions League, for everything and I think we have the team and the players and we have the fans with us so it’s amazing. I think the club is in a good place. “

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Cristiano’s impact

A big influence on this belief is clearly the new summer signature. The Portugal international has scored four goals in his first three games since returning to Old Trafford.

“I think the impact is already there, it’s amazing to have it back home”, From Géa said of the attacker in particular.

“He’s already a legend in the club, so I think for the players, for the youngsters, for everyone, he’s a great guy to see every day how he works in the gym, how he looks after himself, how he takes care of himself, body, and himself.

“He’s an incredible player and it’s great to see him here every day working hard and helping the team.

“Let’s see, like I said, now we have a bigger squad, great players – players with experience like cristiano, As Raphael Varane, like me, Juan Mata – so we have more experience in the team. So let’s see, this can be a great year. “

From Géa himself has also been in great shape, ending a streak of 40 consecutive non-stop penalties, dating back to April 2016, as he denied Marc Noble from 12 yards against West Ham.

With cristiano shoot in goal at one end and From Géa by keeping them out of the way, Red Devils fans can have high hopes.

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