Every QB’s best claim to start in 2022


Texas A&M football team has real three-way quarterback competition for 2022 season

By far, the biggest story surrounding the Texas A&M football team this offseason concerns the quarterback situation. As things stand, the Aggies starter under center in 2022 could be one of the few players. Primarily, this competition is between Max Johnson and Haynes King, with incoming rookie Conner Weigman retaining a chance to sneak into the race.

Part of the reason this could become the best competition in college football is that there is no clear leader.

That said, each player has their own advantages, some stronger than others. Here’s what every Aggie quarterback is claiming for the starting role in 2022.

Haynes King’s statement: experience of the system

In terms of long-term potential, Haynes King could be the riskiest and most rewarded player here. The original Aggie starter from a year ago showed that in his one and only full start last season, where he threw for two touchdowns and three interceptions.

King’s main claim to the starting role is simple – he has two full years of experience in this system, while the other two quarterbacks will be learning from scratch.

Max Johnson claim: SEC starting experience

If you ask me, Max Johnson seems like the most rational choice to be the Aggies’ starting quarterback. After a year and a half as a starter at LSU, Johnson has proven he can be a reliable high-volume passer. During that streak, he threw for 36 touchdowns and just seven interceptions.

This in itself is his greatest claim to the starting place. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it 85 more times before the start of the season – Johnson gives this team the highest tier of any quarterback on the roster.

Conner Weigman’s Claim: Absolute Talent

Just as I think Johnson is the most likely quarterback, I think Conner Weigman is the last likely starting quarterback. It’s no knock on Weigman — just the simple fact that he’s a freshman in the toughest league in college sports.

Weigman holds a claim on the other two setters – raw talent. Incoming quarterback Aggie was the only five-star prospect out of high school among those three players and has the best arm of the three. What might hold him back is whether or not he is able to adapt quickly to the system.


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