Fayetteville High School Football Team Receives State Championship Special



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – The Fayetteville High School football team are officially on their way to the state championship.

On December 3, parents, supporters and even the firefighters of Fayetteville sent the team in style.

Fans lined up on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Razorback Road to show their support and wish the team good luck.

Parents and fans alike say it’s important to show community and school spirit at events like this.

“It means a lot to these children that they can come here and that everyone comes forward to support them,” said Dahlia Sategna, parent of one of the players. “It’s really cool.”

“It’s really exciting,” said Isabel Garton, a senior at the school. “We’re trying to bring everyone together, you can see everyone is wearing a little purple. We’re trying to make it a big deal. You can tell that in town everyone embarks with purple. So that’s really awesome.

Plus, local restaurants across town have been preparing food for the team after practice all this week.


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