Female sports fans 25% more likely to buy sponsored products than men, study finds

  • Agency finds 50% of female sports fans consider it important for brands to act decisively
  • Female sports fans are much more tech savvy than male sports fans, study also finds

A new study from sports marketing agency The Space Between found that female sports fans are 25% more likely to purchase sponsorship products than male sports enthusiasts.

The study also found that brand recall among female sports fans is twice as likely as among those who follow male sports.

For brands to be successful in women’s sports partnerships, the agency’s report suggests the goal is a key part of activations. The Space Between found that 50% of female sports fans “strongly agree” that sponsors should seek to “make the world a better place”, while only 20% of male sports fans feel the pressure. same thing.

Likewise, the study found that 40 percent of female sports fans consider it very important that sponsor brands reflect their own values, while only 20 percent of male sports fans share this view.

The report also concluded that, compared to male sports audiences, female sports fans are “considerably” more tech savvy and more likely to take an environmentally friendly and community-based approach.

Lisa Parfitt, Co-Founder of The Space Between, said: “Having new insights and data on women’s sport is essential to the continued progress and momentum of its commercialization.

“It is time for the industry to focus more on the value of attitudes and behaviors of female sports fans, for brands to firmly believe in understanding the potential rewards, and for sport to sell women’s sport in a new way. “

“It’s time to change the discourse on the commercial and marketing value of women’s sport,” added Adam Raincock, another co-founder of The Space Between.

“We need to change the way we look at this audience, shifting from a focus on audience quantity to quality.

“There is a fundamental difference in the way the public connects to women’s sport. It’s deeper and more meaningful and therefore successful brands have the opportunity to build better and more valuable relationships with these fans. “

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