Football star’s Lamborghini crashes after loaning supercar to friend


If you’re a soccer star, you can probably afford an exotic car. This is certainly the case with Spanish football star Jonathan Viera. The footballer plays for Las Palmas, but was shocked on December 19 when photos of his Lamborghini Huracán mutilated and in several pieces after hitting a tree. He then took to social media to reveal that he hadn’t been behind the wheel, but that a friend had been.

The hurricane had been loaned to his friend

Images of the car wreck quickly began circulating online, courtesy of the Spanish publication MARCA. The Huracan’s left front side was completely destroyed, while the other side of the car appeared to have escaped worst damage.

Some locals claimed the car climbed onto the sidewalk before hitting the tree, and footage shows nothing else around the Huracan, including other cars, suffered. The tree itself didn’t come out unscathed, but it certainly seems to have fared better than the Lamborghini. So if you want to fight a tree, don’t use an expensive Huracan.

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Viera says he was not behind the wheel

After the crash was reported, Viera was quick to point out that he wasn’t even in the car, let alone driving it. His statement he posted on Twitter was titled “It’s okay, thanks for worrying” and then he cleared up the whole mess by saying “I want to make it clear to those who are worried about my health that I was not driving the. vehicle. . A friend of mine had the car, which luckily is in perfect shape. Thanks everyone. “

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Relief that his friend is well

Viera Lamborghini crash
via Levante

It is, of course, a relief to learn that Viera’s friend was not injured in the crash, and neither was anyone else. Except for the poor tree. There is no reason to explain how the accident started, but it might just be because his friend is having a little fun and trying to feel the raw power that the 5.2 liter 602 V10 engine ch can provide.

Of course, a Huracan isn’t a car that mere mortals should try to dump on public roads, and Viera’s friend is unlikely to be loaned to other supercars!

Sources: MARCA YouTube channel, Twitter, Levante

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