Former Texans coach Gary Kubiak shares his take on building culture


Rebuilding football teams talk more about the word “culture” than the word “literally” in the food court of the nearest mall.

The Houston Texans are trying to build that culture, and general manager Nick Caserio gave reporters on November 4 his definitions of what that means.

“I think everyone is kind of caught up in the culture, like what does that mean exactly? Said Caserio. “I think there are a lot of different definitions of how this is interpreted. Culture is about habits and action. It’s about work. This is culture.

Another great source in Houston sports on the meaning of the word culture is Gary Kubiak, who coached the Texans from 2006 to 2013. Kubiak has parallels with current coach David Culley in that he took over a team in rough times as Houston finished 2-14 the previous year and it took four seasons for Kubiak to finally finish with a winning record.

Kubiak joined “The Wheelhouse” with Jake Asman, Cody Stoots and Brad Kellner on ESPN 97.5 Houston [KFNC-FM] Tuesday to talk about what exactly culture means in relation to a football team.

You, as a coach, you know what kind of culture you want in your locker room and with your organization and with your team, but the only way to do that is to be surrounded by great leaders in the locker room. “Said Kubiak.” These are guys who take your message to another level with the football team. You talk about 55, 60 deep players. So you talk about a lot of people that this message has to resonate with. So I think it’s very difficult.

One of the issues the Texans face with their roster is that it is full of players whose contracts expire. There are no long-term numbers or strong faces of the franchise on the list. Plus, while Caserio appears to be here for the long haul, Culley feels more like a placeholder, keeping the seat warm for a better candidate in training.

It starts at the top and it has to come down, Kubiak said. “You have to win games here that help you maintain the culture and make it better. So this is all part of the process.

An 8-2 win over the Tennessee Titans would help Houston culture. The Texans 1-8 face their rivals from the AFC South on Sunday at 12:00 p.m. PT at Nissan Stadium.


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