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The Mountain League’s fall sports stars include 23 student-athletes from Hollidaysburg and 17 from Tyrone Area High School.

In football, Ross Gampe of the Golden Eagles made both offense (receiver) and defense (end) for the first team.

The second team consisted of the Eagles’ Corrie Beck (back) on offense and Nate Patterson (linebacker), Cortlynd Rhoades (corner) and Zac Legars (kicker) on defense.

Honorable mentions went to Caleb McKinney and Grayden Ewing (lineman) on offense and Beck (safety) on defense).

In cross country, Chris Love and Ben Love of Hollidaysburg made the first team, as did Adam Detwiler of Tyrone. Chris Love was co-MVP with Chad Muckey of Philipsburg-Osceola. On the girls side, Beth Pearson of Tyrone and Allison Burk and Lilly Clayton of Hollidaysburg made the team.

Ashden Stitt of Hollidaysburg was the MVP in women’s golf. She was joined by Peyton Bihary, Emma Kennedy and Sabrina Seargent in the first team. On the boys’ side, Wes Everhart was part of the Tigers’ first team. For Tyrone, RJ Royer was MVP on the boys side. He was joined by teammate Luke Brooks in the first team.

In volleyball, the Reagan Irons of Tyrone and Piper Christine made the first team, as did Lexi McLanahan of Holidaysburg. Joelle DeLattre and Brittyn Davenport made the Lady Tigers second team.

Hollidaysburg’s Braden Callahan, Parker Zonts and Shushant Dahal made the men’s soccer first team, while Dilan Wasney, Nate Crum and Ryan Frank made the second team. Tyrone’s Eric Sims made the second team.

On the girls’ side, Abby Bell and Lizzie Johnson of Hollidaysburg made the first team, as did Lindsey Parks of Tyrone. Second team honors went to Chloe Stoehr and Natalie Despot of Hollidaysburg, as did Eliza Vance of Tyrone.

Gretta Rhodes won the Women’s Tennis MVP title and she was joined in the first team by Ella Jodon and Regan McKee. Tyrone’s Victoria Reese and Rachel Stricek also made the first team.


FIRST OFFENSIVE TEAM: Clearfield–Eric Myers, Josh Steele, Isaac Samsel, Hayden Kovalic, Karson Kline, Oliver Billotte, Mark McMonigal; Bald Eagle Zone: Hunter McCool, Garrett Burns, Kaden Burns; Bellefonte: Dominic Capparella; Tyrone: Ross Campe; Penns Valley: Miles Brooks, Ty Watson

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Clearfield–Oliver Billotte, Isaac Samsel, Hayden Kovalic, Karson Kline, Nate Natoli, Shane Coudriet; Bald Eagle Zone–Hunter McCool, Max Yetsko, Gavin Eckley; Philipsburg-Osceola–Matt Martin, Parker Matson; Tyrone-Ross Campe; Bellefonte – Nolan Weaver

SECOND TEAM OFFENSIVE: Clearfield–Luke Sidorick, Jose Alban, Carter Chamberlain, Joe Knee, Nate Natoli; Huntingdon–Mason Sommers, Derrick Banks; Philipsburg-Osceola–Dominic Shaw, Josiah Kephart, Matt Martin; Bald Eagle Region–Cameron Watkins, Owen Irvin, Carson Nagle; Tyrone-Corrie Beck; Penns Valley–Owen Miller

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Clearfield – Josh Steele, Jose Alban, Brady Collins; Bellefonte-Tyler Rice; Bald Eagle Zone – Gavin Eckley, Camron Watkins, Garrett Burns; Huntingdon–Chase Somers, Mason Somers; Tyrone-Nathaniel Patterson, Cortlynd Rhoades, Zac Legars; Penns Valley–Rylee Brungart, Zach Braucht

HONORABLE MENTION OFFENSE: Huntingdon–Gunner Singleton; Clearfield–Conner McCracken, Penns Valley–Gavin Ryan, Zach Braucht, Jackson Romig, Tanner Ilgen; Tyrone–Caleb McKinney, Brayden Ewing; Bald Eagle Zone–Tre Greene, Kahale Burns; Philipsburg-Osceola–Nick Johnson, Andrew Faust; Bellefonte-Nicholas Way, Hayden Walker

HONORABLE MENTION DEFENSE: Penns Valley–Scott Hess, Logan Crater; Bellefonte-Thomas Korman, Addison Shawley, Trevor Johnson; Bald Eagle Region–Kaleb Matis, Ethan Koleno, Philipsburg-Osceola–Josiah Kephart; Huntingdon–Lincoln Miller, Briar Ronk; Clearfield–Nick Domico; Tyrone–Corrie Beck


MVP–Reese Hazleton, Philipsburg-Osceola. First team–Cameron Upcraft, Penns Valley; Reagan Irons, Tyrone; Piper Christine, Tyrone; Lexi McLanahan, Holidaysburg; Kalista Butler, Philipsburg-Osceola, Savannah Fiscus, Huntingdon. Second team –– Carlee Pepperman, Bellefonte; Joelle DeLattree, Holidaysburg; Brittyn Davenport, Holidaysburg; Janey Johnson, Philipsburg-Osceola; Tessa Haffey, Huntingdon; Maddie Perry, Bald Eagle Region


MVP–James Buonaccorsi, Huntingdon. First team — Aidan Culver, Penns Valley; Alex Godin, Philipsburg-Osceola; Braden Callahan, Holidaysburg; Cameron Wiser, Huntingdon; Cole Miller, Clearfield; Hayden Walker, Bellefonte; Jacob Saldana, Bald Eagle Region; Nathan Wiser, Huntingdon; Parker Zonts, Holidaysburg; Quinn Tooker, Bellefonte; Shushant Dahal, Holidaysburg. Second Team — AJ Packer, Bellefonte; Carter Stere, Bald Eagle Region; Dilan Wasney, Holidaysburg; Eli Dunwoody, Huntingdon; Eric Sims, Tyrone; Gavin Robb, Penns Valley; Jacob Everhart, Huntingdon; Nate Crum, Holidaysburg; Parker Matson, Philipsburg-Osceola; Ryan Frank, Holidaysburg; Shea Chapman, Bellefonte


MVP–Elle Smith, Clearfield. First team — Abby Bell, Holidaysburg; Abby Ryan, Clearfield; Alayna Winters, Clearfield; Cadence rod, bald eagle area; Emma Hipps, Clearfield; Falen McHenry, Bald Eagle Sector; Kerri Shutika, Bellefonte; Lindsey Parks, Tyrone; Lizzie Johnson, Holidaysburg; Rebekah Gillespie, Penns Valley; Schenley Farrell, Philipsburg-Osceola. Second Team–Autumn Tobias, Bald Eagle Area; Cara Turner, Clearfield; Cate Goodwin, Penns Valley; Chloe Stoehr, Holidaysburg; Eliza Vance, Tyrone; Emma Rossman, Bellefonte; Megan Hamm, Clearfield; Natalie Despot, Holidaysburg; Olivia Hutton, Philipsburg-Osceola; Riley Ryen, Clearfield; Simone Bilich, Huntingdon


MVP–Gretta Rhodes, Holidaysburg. First team — Tyrone, Victoria Reese and Rachel Stricek; Ella Jodon, Regan McKee, Holidaysburg; Lindsey, Clearfield; Lainey Albaugh, Huntingdon


MVP–Chris Love, Hollidaysburg & Chad Muckey, Philipsburg-Osceola. First Team – Chase Eberling, Hollidaysburg; Ben Love, Holidaysburg; McClain Reamer, Penns Valley; Alexandre Crist, Bellefonte; Scott Frantz, Philipsburg-Osceola; Adam Detwiler, Tyrone; Colton Wagner, Bald Eagle Sector; Tyler OlsonClearfield


MVP–Anna Stitzer, Penns Valley. First team — Scarlett Singleton, Clearfield; Beth Pearson, Tyrone; Allison Burk, Holidaysburg; Jaylee Cook, Philipsburg-Osceola; Alexis Durn, Penns Valley; Ashley Aukerman, Bellefonte; Lilly Clayton, Holidaysburg


MVP–RJ Royer, Tyrone. First team — Ryan Marshall, Huntingdon; Isaac Bloom, Bellefonte; Andon Suchan, Huntingdon; Luke Brooks, Tyrone; Wes Everhart, Holidaysburg


MVP–Ashden Stitt, Holidaysburg. First team — Riley Clute, Bellefonte; Abby Vaux, Philipsburg-Osceola; Paige Dobson, Penns Valley; Peyton Bihary, Emma Kennedy and Sabrina Seargent, Holidaysburg

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