How Ron Rivera prepared the Washington football team to upset the Dallas Cowboys


As the Washington football team entered the year as one of the most publicized teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys began with a clash against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the Week 1 contest, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called his team “David” against the defending Super Bowl champions on opening night as Goliath.

Now the roles have turned and Dallas is playing Goliath this weekend in Washington’s portrayal of David.

Perfect timing though, as the WFT literally threw stones during their impressive four-game winning streak.

“Everything has really changed more than anything else and luckily for us they were the right team,” said head coach Ron Rivera of the growing tradition of throwing a stone after wins this season. “I have so much respect for who Tom Brady is and for Bruce Arians. If you can win a team like that, we most definitely felt we had to. And I think we have something to do with it. thing that we can come together and believe in. “

Washington haven’t been favored to win any of their games during that winning streak and are also underdogs this weekend.

Despite that fact, WFT is now set to move closer to a Dallas Cowboys game for the lead of the NFC East Division with a win this Sunday.

“I have blind faith,” Rivera said of his team coming back to life after falling into a 2-6 pit before his week off from Week 9. “I had a lot of confidence in our Guys, in our coaches. We were definitely better than what our record said. “

And now, the team has a chance to score their first record of wins of the year and make some noise in the NFC Playoff race.

“This is what we wanted to do,” Rivera said. “We wanted to win … because at this point we are now in control of our own destiny.”

When the Washington football team won the NFC East last season with a 7-9 record, it entered the playoffs, “playing with the house money,” as Rivera put it.

This year, the Rivera team are looking to bring their own tokens. By taking the victory, and the title, by force.

Leaving a trail of fallen giants in their wake, and leaving no stone … untouched.


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