How the Eagles should support Jalen


Former Alabama football QB needs Philly help

Alabama football has three quarters starting in the NFL, and all teams are taking steps to support them this season. The Miami Dolphins invested in an offensive line and traded for the fastest player in football. The Patriots traded for a receiver, and they should bolster the offense in the NFL Draft. The Eagles have made marginal moves to stay relevant, but the attacking side of the ball still have questions that need to be answered.

To be fair, Philly has more draft capital than almost any team this year. They’re saving cap space to pay for this class, so most moves will be made after the 2022 NFL Draft. Still, the Eagles need to prioritize supporting Jalen Hurts with their moves this offseason.

The Eagles surpassed last year. Many considered them one of the worst teams in the NFL, but they made it to the NFL playoffs. They must now take steps to become a permanent NFC East contender. The NFC East is one of the most winnable divisions in football, but offensive assist is a must for the Eagles.

So what should Philly do to support Hurts? Adding a receiver is essential. The Eagles drafted DeVonta Smith from Alabama football in the first round last year, and he was a great weapon. Still, he needs a running mate across the pitch to develop that attack.

In later rounds, the Eagles could also consider adding a running back. Hurts was the top running threat last year, and that’s not sustainable.

Offensive line depth is always useful, but it’s not a major need for the Eagles. Right now they should use one of their first two choices to add a weapon. They can also add defensive talent, but a first pick needs to be a receiver for Jalen Hurts to be fully supported.


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