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As a defenseman moved in and prepared to pierce him, Hughesville quarterback Luke Kaiser held on, throwing a 50-yard pass. Joey Swink beat his man in the field, grabbed that rocket in stride and the two produced an 85-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

It was the perfect answer two games after Derek Thomas returned a fumble for a score and you could almost feel the metaphorical baggage falling from Swink’s shoulders as he sprinted towards the end zone. A team that had been plagued by mistakes the first four weeks refused to let them continue. They moved on to the next game and Saturday at Loyalsock they continued to make those next big games.

Kaiser threw three touchdowns in the first quarter, Brenden Knight ran for a career-high 177 yards and the defense allowed just 70 yards as Hughesville dominated Warrior Run, winning 46-7 and giving Coach Howard Rainey’s first victory. The Spartans (1-4) scored the last 46 points of the game, controlled all aspects and showed how dangerous they can be throughout the second half of the season if they build on that performance. exceptional.

“It feels good. The guys are finally starting to play the way they can,” Rainey said. “It was the best week of training we’ve had since we started here. Everyone was on board, everyone was doing what they had to do.

“You always have to hold your head up and that’s one thing about our team, we’re starting to understand that. “ said Chevalier. “Even if we make mistakes, we can follow through and keep going and move on. “

That’s exactly what the Spartans did in this game originally scheduled for Friday at Hughesville before Thursday’s torrential rains forced it to be moved to Saturday at Loyalsock turf. Hughesville lost fumbles in two of his first six games, but didn’t sulk. He came back strong, scoring 25 points in the first quarter, including touchdowns in three straight games at one point. The Spartans took a 39-7 lead at halftime, never eased off the accelerator, and routed a team that was less than two minutes away from victory at Central Columbia ago. eight nights.

And the point is, Hughesville has a lot of room to grow. He returned the ball five times and still won by 39. Every journey has to start somewhere and if an upward journey begins for the Spartans, they can consider Loyalsock to be where it started.

“We needed this” Knight said after scoring twice. “It was a good springboard for the team.

“The fumbles scared us at the start of the game, but we managed to succeed. They finally noticed that we can make up for our mistakes and we came back right away with that long pass and scored that touchdown right away, it got them excited. Rainey said. “We were able to do what we needed to do from there. “

Kaiser’s 85-yard bomb at Swink unleashed a burst of 25 points and six minutes. Three games after Mason Hoppes recovered from a fumble on possession of Warrior Run, Kaiser rolled and found Angelo Ferrigno for a 7-yard touchdown and Hughesville retained his first lead this season. It was also the first of three touchdowns in three consecutive games that Hughesville has produced.

Kaiser showed his arm again in Hughesville’s next set, finding Justin Fowler on the straight sideline for a 51-yard touchdown. At that point, he was 3 for 3 for 143 yards and three touchdowns. Following another roll, Aiden Barlett scored on a 5-yard run and Hughesville led 25-7, building that lead in just seven games.

“I also have to give props to Joey Swink and Luke. They brought us back into the game after we had our heads down for a few games ”, said Chevalier. “We turned the situation around very quickly and it was a very good team victory. “

Kaiser’s throw opened the race and Hughesville began to dominate there as well. Linemen Brennan Hartman, Luke Turner, Chase Snyder, Bryce Burkhart, affectionately known as Meatball, and Josh Applegate began to explode out of the ball. Ditto rear JJ Gabel who delivered crushing lead blocks. Knight followed Gabel, broke into holes that opened, and also gained yards after contact while producing 148 yards in the final 30 minutes of the game.

After Kaiser broke containment and pulled off a 29-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, Knight carried three in a row for 61 yards and scored on a 24-yard one as Hughesville took a 39-7 lead at the midpoint. -time. The line, Gabel and Knight continued to soar in the second half and Knight’s 19-yard touchdown topped the score. Knight covered that final 47-yard score four times.

“The second quarter after we had some big catches, it released the line and we were able to start this racing game”, Rainey said. “Our line felt more comfortable attacking. With our head back (Gabel) passing in there and Knight just staying on his tail and making his cuts, it was awesome.

The defense of Hughesville too.

The Spartans made Warrior Run a one-dimensional team, then crushed that dimension, giving up just seven rushing yards and collecting four sacks. They also forced eight turnovers with Swink intercepting two passes. Ferrigno and Fowler also had interceptions and Turner recorded two sacks. Quarterback Ryan Newton threw for 205 yards last week and Thomas was one of the most productive receivers in the district, but every facet of Hughesville’s defense clicked and Thomas was limited to two catches for 17 yards.

Linebackers Hoppes and Gabel each delivered solid games, the line consistently pushing back players and secondary receivers covered. As a result, Hughesville limited Warrior Run to 1.5 yards per set.

“I think our defense has always been our strong point. Yes, we lost a lot of points but they were quite good on the pitch. Rainey said. “It was good to launch our attack and have the two units feed on each other.”

Warrior Run defensive lineman Ethan Carper burst into the backfield early in the game, forcing the fumble that Thomas returned for a touchdown. Linebacker Logan Smedley made 10 tackles and Isaac Butler intercepted a pass. The Defenders made big strides a week ago, but were injured with turnovers and 15 penalties for 137 yards. Fourteen of these penalties occurred in the first half.

It wasn’t the best game at times with the rivals combining 25 penalties, totaling 202 yards and 13 turnovers. The first half alone featured 11 turnovers and 20 penalties.

But the result was beautiful for Hughesville.

“It was a team effort. It was everyone and I’m glad we got the win, ”said Knight. “We have finally turned our heads and on the right track.

Hughesville 46, Warrior Run 7

Hughesville 25 14 7 0-46

Warrior’s Race 7 0 0 0–7

First shift

42-yard fumble return from W – Derek Thomas (kick from Gavin Hunter), 8:14

H – Joey Swink 85 pass from Luke Kaiser (blocked kick), 7:23

H – Angelo Ferrigno 7 assists from Kaiser (kick from Josh Heiney), 5:54

H – Justin Fowler 51 Kaiser’s pass (blocked kick), 2:35

H – Aiden Barlett 5 run (missed pass), 1:23

Second quarter

H – Kaiser 29 run (Heiney kick), 6:49

H – Brenden Knight 24 run (Heiney kick),: 59

Third quarter

H – Knight 19 run (Heiney kick), 1:22


First stockings 18 7

Rush-yards 39-200 26-7

Passing yards 184 63

Total yards 384 70

Comp-Att-Int 7-13-1 7-20-4

Lost fumbles 8-4 5-4

Penalties-yards 10-65 15-137


RUSHING: Hughesville, Brenden Knight 23-177, 2 TDs; Luke Kaiser 5-47, TD; Aiden Barlett 4-8, TD; Kelby Gordner 1-7; Luc Stutzman 1-6; Joey Swink 2-3; Team 3 – (- 48). Warriors’ Course, Samuel Hall 10-16; Roman Pierce 5-10; Thomas Roys 3-8; Logan Smedley 2-1; Justin Blair 2-1; Gavin Getz 1 – (- 7); Ryan Newton 3 – (- 22).

PASSAGES: Hughesville, Kaiser 5-7-1, 154 yards, 3 touchdowns; Tyler Wetzel 2-6-0, 30 yards. Warrior Run, Newton 7-19-4, 63 yards; Gavin Getz 0-1-0.

RECEPTION: Hughesville, Angelo Ferrigno 3-26, TD; Swink 2-98, TD; Justin Fowler 1-51, TD; Knight 1-9. Warrior Race, Carter Marr 3-50; Derek Thomas 2-17; Smedley 1-0; Room 1 – (- 4).

INTERCEPTIONS: Hughesville, Swink 2; Ferrigno; Hunter. Warrior Race, Isaac Butler.

BAGS: Hughesville, Luke Turner 2; King Landen; Jediah Webb 1/2; Chase Snyder 1/2.

RECORDS: Hughesville 1-4. Warrior race 0-4.

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