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Joan Laporta said Barcelona are being linked with a Kylian Mbappe move “is part of the show business of football” and promised the club “won’t lose their minds” in the transfer market.

Real Madrid are strong favorites to sign Mbappe when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires at the end of the season.

Barca have reportedly emerged as contenders to lure the French striker to La Liga in a move that would be hard for their fierce rivals to accept.

But Blaugrana president Laporta ignored talk of the Catalan giants reportedly landing the prolific 23-year-old as a free agent.

He told Mundo Deportivo: “I think it’s part of the show business of football, I have nothing to say about it.”

Laporta added: “Here everyone is free to send out messages and proclamations and we already know that is part of the world of football, that big clubs are interested in big players.

“But I’m not going to start, and you have to allow me not to, to talk about the players because if I do, the only thing I can do is harm the interests of our club.

“If we were talking about a player and we intended to sign him, we would raise the price. Neither with this player nor with others, I don’t want to comment on the problems because it would harm the interests of the club.

“The technical secretariat and the sports management are working to improve our squad, which is getting better and better, we are more and more satisfied.

“I want it to be understood that we prioritize the team above all else, a reinforced team in each of its lines and what we are not involved in is bringing up players or looking for players who are more than the team.

“What we want to strengthen is the team we have that plays based on a real Barca system. The club thinks that’s what the football team needs, that authentic style that for me is the key to everything and that’s what we have to do, a team that can play this system with very talented players.”

Barca have lost Lionel Messi due to the club’s huge financial problems and Laporta says there’s no way they’re being reckless with recruitment.

He added: “I insist, I will not talk about specific actors but I can tell you that we will not carry out any operation that puts the institution in danger.

“It is a maxim that we have followed since I became president again, it has happened to us in various circumstances and we will continue with this philosophy and this criterion, not to put the institution in danger with operations that we would not do. not do, even if we were already in good health.

“So you can talk about players, big money operations that Barca are not going to lose our heads in. The partners are calm because we are not going to lose our heads for an operation of this magnitude.

“Most players want to come to Barca, they like the club, the team, our philosophy, our way of working, our understanding of football. And that’s good, we check it in many cases and daily.

“They will have to adapt to Barca’s salary levels and an economic structure of the operation that maintains the sustainability and balance of the club.”


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