Is Tom Brady on the right track to become the main owner of an NFL team?


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There’s a lot of talk that Peyton Manning could be part of the Broncos’ next ownership group. But Manning, alone or with his family members, doesn’t have the capital to both buy 30% of an NFL team and operate the franchise. Eventually, Manning’s best enemy on the court can.

Recently retired quarterback Tom Brady has gradually built an empire. His wife, Gisele Bundchen, built hers. They could possibly have enough between them to buy a majority stake in a franchise. (Maybe they already do.)

Consider the content of a Sunday article by Liam Killingstad of With $450 million in football and sponsorship revenue (pre-tax, of course), Brady has other business interests that could grow and grow and grow.

Cryptocurrency. NFT. Clothing line. TB12. Production company. Maybe more. Maybe a lot more.

He will need more to finally achieve oligarch status. If he does, it would be interesting to see if someone who knows the sport as well as he does would do a better job as an owner than someone who made a lot of money in another industry and bought a football team – or someone who 23 and I managed to inherit a franchise.

One of the unspoken realities for NFL owners who know how to run a team properly is that they like to welcome really rich bozos into the club. The presence of poorly run football organizations makes it much easier to win football matches. Brady would potentially be a formidable presence, channeling his super-competitiveness and intimate, detailed understanding of the sport into an operation that could become as successful as the franchise with which he won six of his Super Bowls.

In other words, fans who have no choice but to accept the owners of their favorite teams should perhaps start hoping that their favorite team will be up for sale by the time Brady is ready to buy one. . Many fanbases could do a lot worse — and are doing a lot worse — than having someone like Brady in charge of the organization.


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