Jesper Horsted signs Chicago Bears ERFA tender


Jesper Horsted might be the Bears’ most popular player not wearing a No. 1 jersey.

Considering Horsted has 10 receptions and played 13 NFL games in three seasons, his support on social media is remarkable and he appeared again on Monday when he went through the process of signing his free agent offer. exclusive.

Horsted wasn’t going anywhere as an ERFA unless the Bears decided not to offer him, but they did on March 16. Exclusive royalty-free agents are retained simply by offering a minimum purchase offer and for Horsted it was $895,000.

Horsted was a wide receiver at Princeton who gained weight and muscle and tried to convert to a tight end with the Bears in 2019. He didn’t make the team, ended up on the team practice and ultimately had to play in a season where the Bears went through one tight inning after another due to injuries.

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He had eight catches for 87 yards and caught a touchdown pass against Detroit. Then in 2020 they drafted Cole Kmet, signed Jimmy Graham and that led to Horsted being returned to the practice squad all season.

Last year, he returned to the 53-player roster for seven games, added two more catches for 21 yards and two touchdowns.

All he does is catch touchdown passes. He’s been targeted 13 times in his career and has three touchdowns. His career-high was four receptions for 36 yards against Dallas in a 31-24 win at Soldier Field in 2019.

Horsted is one of only two tight ends the Bears currently have on the roster, the other being 2020 second-round pick Kmet.

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