Jurgen Klopp compares Premier League stars who do not get the Covid vaccine to drink driving


A report released earlier this week found that only seven Premier League clubs have over 50% vaccination rates in their squads, something Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has disputed.

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Klopp gives insight into Liverpool Premier League clash against Man City

Jurgen Klopp says rejecting a Covid-19 vaccine is the same as driving drunk.

A new government exemption means Premier League stars returning from redlisted countries during the next international break can still train and play games while quarantining provided they have received two doses of vaccine.

This requirement will not create any problems for Liverpool, Klopp explaining: “We have 99% vaccinated. I didn’t have to convince the players, it was more a natural decision of the team.

“I don’t really remember talking to a player in a one-on-one situation and explaining why he should do it because I’m not a doctor.”

Jurgen Klopp insists he didn’t have to persuade Liverpool players to get vaccinated


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Liverpool appear to be in the minority, with a report earlier this week revealing that only seven top clubs have over 50% vaccination rates in their squads.

Klopp finds this statistic difficult to understand and stressed the importance of accepting a vaccine in order to protect others.

He also rejected suggestions that personal freedoms are hampered by pressure for more people to receive the jab.

He added: “I explained it to myself as if drunk driving was driving.

Should Premier League players be required to have the coronavirus vaccine? Have your say in the comments.

“We were probably all in a situation where we had had a beer or two and thought we could still drive but, [because of] by law, we are not allowed to drive anywhere so we do not drive.

“But this law isn’t there to protect me when I drink two beers and want to drive, it’s to protect everyone else because I’m drunk or pissed off and we accept that as a law.”

“It’s exactly the same to me; I don’t get vaccinated just to protect myself, I get vaccinated to protect everyone around me.

“I don’t understand why this is a limitation on freedom because, if it is, then not being allowed to drink and drive is also a limitation on freedom.

“I was vaccinated because I was worried about myself, but even more so about everyone around me.

“If I get [Covid] and I suffer, my fault, if I catch it and pass it on to someone else, my fault and not their fault.

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