Kevin Phillips makes an admission regarding West Brom’s Karlan Grant


West Brom fell to a 1-0 loss to Stoke City on Friday in a game where the Baggies were not at their best.

Valerin Ismael’s side struggled to create and dominate a game for the first time this season as they faced a Stoke City side that were much better on the night.

But that didn’t stop West Brom legend Kevin Phillips from praising forward Karlan Grant after an impressive run of form for former Charlton and Huddersfield man.

Grant scored twice in West Brom’s win over QPR and scored again against Cardiff City midweek.

Speaking to West Brom News as a columnist, Phillips admitted he was surprised by Grant’s recent form: “Every striker needs a little luck. I’ve always asked, ‘who’s going to step up and score 20 goals to get out of this league?’ “

“You need someone like that, but who’s going to do it?” Karlan, from his recent performances, looks like that man and I’m thrilled for him.

“He showed he can score goals – he did it at Huddersfield. But every attacker needs a little bit of luck and when you get it you have to take advantage of it.

“He’s certainly done that with his lenses recently, they’ve been some really clinical finishes as well.”

Karlan Grant joined West Brom last season in a £ 15million deal with Huddersfield and has struggled in places but it looks like he’s in good shape this season with four in 11 games so far.

The verdict

Kevin Phillips certainly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to forwards and Karlan Grant, despite having a slow start, is proving to be a key player for West Brom.

Of West Brom’s forwards right now, Karlan Grant is certainly the most clinical and possibly the most prolific, as he’s proven with his spells at Charlton and Huddersfield.

If West Brom is to be successful this season, having someone like Grant as the lead scorer is essential.

But West Brom fans and most importantly Ismael will expect a lot more from their striker over the next few months.


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