Laporta ‘wet’ over latest La Liga refereeing controversies


Joan Laporta largely analyzed in a press conference what happened last Thursday in front of Eintracht Frankfurt, with the presence of more than 30,000 German supporters at Camp Nou. After that, the president of the FCBarcelona also devoted his time to showing his dissatisfaction with the referee’s work and some situations experienced this season in the Spanish league.

This past day, the Real Madrid seen by forgiving the expulsion of Eduardo Camavinga in the first part in the Pizjuán facing the Seville. Led 2-0 to the score, the French had to take to the streets by the second yellow. Thus, the president of the Catalan group declared that he would have liked him to be more conclusive with his opinion on the arbitration, but that did not do so in order not to be considered a “victim”. “It seems that I am a victim, one day already will speak, today is not the day”, said.

Equally, Laporta if he left several darts for “who are responsible for this subject”, referring to the arbitration of Spanish football. “I expect them to do everything possible for him to find what should be, objectivity, and not very obvious situations that cannot follow the production because desvirtúan the competition”, aiming.

Barcelona considers that in addition to the recent non-expulsion of Camavinga, there were not the same criteria in the three pitado penalties in favor of Madrid ahead of Celtic or three against Barça in front of the Raise to day 31, to name the most recent cases of controversial ligueras. The fans, the club and the players are starting to feel unprotected and it looks like the entity has stepped out of the defence.

Laporta don’t give by wandering LaLiga

Besides, Laporta no descartó again win the league, although he admitted that after the loss to Cadiz the options are very limited. “You have to win these seven finals and while there are mathematical options to win the championship, difficulties will follow. We have to play the Champions League next year,” concluded the president.


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