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July 15, 2021

CFL: Former NFL first-round pick struggles to hang on

The Montreal Alouettes have a lot of NFL experience currently in training camp vying for a place in the roster. One of those players is former Green Bay Packer first-round pick Datane Jones. Considered a “longshot” to be part of the squad, Jones is currently taking backup reps behind starters Woody Baron and Almondo Sewell I practice. “I’m an NFL guy so a lot of people think the job is just going to be handed to me,” Jones said. “It made me more humble.” If Jones could turn the tide, it could lead to an intriguing defensive line rotation for defensive coordinator Barron Miles, who is excited about the possibilities. “We want him to be more explosive and powerful, like a first-round player would be. We told him. Expectations are high, ”said Miles. “I think he’s built for the CFL. He’s a great guy and he will have every opportunity. One of Jones ‘perks is that Alouettes’ defensive line coach Todd Howard was also his position coach during his time at Green Bay. In 68 NFL games, Jones produced 57 tackles, 10 quarterback sacks, two interceptions and knocked down eight assists. The potential for him to be a high impact player north of the border remains a possibility, but he will need to overthrow him quickly. “I’m not going to lie, it was a tough choice,” Jones added. “I really didn’t understand the dynamics of the CFL.

-Ric Serritella

July 14, 2021

Pistoleros cfl

USFL in talks with former Gunslingers Jim Bob Morris and Rick Neuheisel for a franchise in San Antonio.

The San Antonio Express News reports that former USFL Gunslinger security Jim Bob Morris has been in talks with a new USFL executive regarding the potential to bring a franchise to San Antonio. Morris immediately brought in Rick Neuheisel to gauge his interest in being the head coach, and Neuheisel strongly agrees. Currently a college football analyst for CBS, Neuheisel is no stranger to spring football due to his days at the USFL and most recently as the head coach of the Arizona Hotshots in the ill-fated Alliance of American Football. .

San Antonio is a great place for a new USFL franchise. It proved to be the most successful venue of the AAF season, with commanders attracting an average of over 27,000 people, more than double the league average. It also recalls the heyday of the USFL and rediscovers the nostalgia for a golden age of American football. If for some reason San Antonio wasn’t functioning, Morris considers Birmingham, Alabama another great place.

No one from the city of San Antonio has been in contact with members of USFL operations regarding the arrival of a team at Alamo City, but they would all agree until the city has to. pay the bill.

While many are still skeptical about the survival of a semi-professional spring football league, Morris and Neuheisel are optimistic. Fox reported that the Spring League, also owned by new USFL CEO Brian Woods, achieved ratings earlier this year that were competitive with the NHL and MLS. With Fox now a financial partner of the USFL, the odds will only increase from there. Morris believes that with these types of levels of audience and friendly media rights, there is no reason the league should not be successful. Neuheisel echoes these sentiments and believes that the support of players, fans and coaches is there to make a Spring League both sustainable and profitable.

Morris also sees it as an excellent opportunity for other companies of which he is currently a part. One of them is, a sports betting app that it might see rebranded as a daily fantasy sports app.

While spring football loyalists still await official announcements from USFL leaders, it is evident that the wheels are in motion and that hope for a spring 2022 launch is still alive and well for the USFL. .

-John Ferguson

July 13, 2021

Winnipeg blue bombers

HUB Alum Devonte williams Signs with the CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers with Andrew Harris Inactive at camp. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers hired former Southeast Louisiana running back Williams today. The news comes at an ominous time as the star running back and Gray Cup MVP Andrew Harris left training on Monday and did not return. Coach Mike O’Shea mentioned Tuesday that Harris “would calm down for the next two weeks and then he’ll be good to go,” according to 3DownNation. The Blue Bombers are pretty slim behind Harris on the depth chart with little to no players with legitimate CFL experience. Second-round pick in 2019 draft Brady Oliviera would have had the representatives of the first team with Harris on the shelf, according to TSN Darrin bauming, while the fifth-round pick in 2021 Kyle borsa could also be in the mix. Johnny Augustin has the most CFL experience behind Harris, but he suffers from an illness himself and has yet to practice. All of this could open the door for newcomer Williams who could prove himself quickly. A former football HUB, Williams stood out in CAMP practice in April 2021 and was set to be a “potential starter for a CFL team with his natural running skills and soft hands off the backfield.”

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-John Ferguson

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