Let the predictions begin: One man’s Husky 2022 football predictions


Welcome to silly season. For college football teams, this is the noticeable gap between spring football practice and the opening game. Where the experts, only the dreamers, take over and try to fill in the blanks.

This is the time for predictions, projections, promises and pure nonsense.

A year ago, everyone, including this website, signed a veteran University of Washington football team for a nine-to-10 win season. A ranking in the top 20. A nice game of bowls in the sun somewhere.

How did it end?

Well, no one, absolutely no one, had planned a total face-plant for the Montlake boys. Not only did they have a meager four games, but the Huskies had to pick up wins over California, Arizona and Stanford in overtime, final minutes and final seconds, respectively.

For some reason, former coach Jimmy Lake’s second UW team was uncompetitive.

After all, what other Power 5 entry has lost to Montana? When was the last Husky team to lose five home games in college football’s supposedly best setting?

There’s a new sheriff in town in Kalen DeBoer and people are just beginning to imagine what his first UW ball club could do. Still, with last season’s big disappointment, tipsters are going to treat anything they say about the Huskies with great trepidation.

This week, a fairly obscure website decided that DeBoer’s first team will go 7-5 in the regular season, losing to Michigan State, UCLA, California, Oregon State and Oregon.

A fairly reputable 247Sports suggested the Huskies, who haven’t played in the playoffs since beating Boise State in the 2019 Las Vegas Bowl, will meet in Sin City to finish against LSU.

The hardest thing to assess about DeBoer’s UW first team is his physique. In 2021, the Huskies have regularly taken a beating on both sides of the ball. A veteran offensive line was a big disappointment. A patched-up defensive line looked like a matador, waving running backs.

While the new coach has brought in 11 portal transfers, none of them are linemen. He’s betting his weight room trainer Ron McKeefery can make all the leftovers stronger and tougher, that two-time first-team All-Pac-12 offensive tackle Jaxson Kirkland can get healthy and play like a first-round draft. choose and this promising redshirt freshman defensive tackle Kuao Peihopa will anchor the D line.

Offensive points and nonstop passing will be a given for this team. It’s to score and throw them. However, with NFL-bound Huskies cornerbacks Trent McDuffie and Kyler Gordon in the pros now, the defense could also be dealing with points and assists in large quantities.

That said, we too are taking advantage of this lull in the action to get into this madness and predict the upcoming UW season. Our formula is always to choose an upset win and an upset loss that few others saw coming. We’re certainly optimistic after watching spring training, like last year. Here is:

September 3 Kent State — In a game of both head coach Don James’ saves, the Huskies give DeBoer, the UW legend’s eighth successor, a first victory. (UW, 1-0)

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September 10 Portland State – The UW is taking out their 2021 Montana frustration on their first opponent Big Sky since the unthinkable happened. (UW, 2-0)

September 17, state of michigan – Sonny Sixkiller began building his Husky reputation by defeating a favorite Spartans team 52 years earlier. DeBoer surprisingly does the same, thrilling the endless fanbase with a prime-time upset. (UW, 3-0)

September 24, Stanford – David Shaw and DeBoer have met once before, in the 1996 NAIA Championship game. Shaw was a tight ends coach for Western Washington, DeBoer a wide receiver for Sioux Falls. DeBoer’s team won by three touchdowns. He’s starting again. (UW, 4-0)

September 30 to UCLA –DeBoer’s Fresno State team upset the Bruins 40-37 in the Rose Bowl the previous year. Not this time. UCLA won Friday’s fierce encounter 38-35. (UW, 4-1)

October 8, in the state of Arizona — The Sun Devils haven’t been the same since receiving an infraction notice, waiting to hear if they broke any rules, and the UW is adding to their misery. (UW, 5-1)

October 15, Arizona — The Wildcats are steadily rebuilding, but they’re still not good enough to win in Seattle. (UW, 6-1)

October 22, in California – There are simply too many former Husky coaches and players for DeBoer’s UW team to handle – Wilcox, Sirmon, Sirmon, Watson and Brown -. and the Bears prevail in an upset. (UW, 6-2)

November 4, Oregon State — On a Friday night at Husky Stadium, the Beavers and Huskies face off in another close game, but Peyton Henry’s field goal wins in the end this time. (UW, 7-2)

November 12 in Oregon – The Ducks have won 15 of the last 17 games, reward enough for the UW capturing 17 of 20 series outings in 1974-93 when Jim Owens and Don James coached. Ah, but Oregon is making new DeBoer pay for his rivalry association. (UW, 7-3)

November 19, Colorado – The Huskies gave Boulder one last season they didn’t have to lose. DeBoer stop this nonsense. (UW, 8-3)

November 25, at WSU – Sam Huard is in a rush to serve as an emergency quarterback and throws four touchdowns in the Palouse, offsetting his four interceptions in 2021 against WSU. (UW, 9-3)

Feel free to debate, argue or dismiss all of this. Don’t forget, it’s silly season. Otherwise, head to the Holiday Bowl…in a rematch against Michigan State. It’s hard to beat a team twice in a season. The Huskies lose a loved one. Still, the UW is having a season it should have posted last fall. (UW, 9-4)

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