Marcas Grant 2021 NFL Fantasy Football Sleepers Week 4


The third week was the charm for Marquez Valdes-Scantling. After many missed connections between MVS and Aaron Rodgers in the first two weeks, the Packer pitch-and-catch pair finally tied the knot last Sunday against the 49ers. Most of the Green Bay crossing works will still be routed to Davante Adams, but perhaps there is a second receiver that needs to be paid attention. Valdes-Scantling will have greater appeal in DFS formats, although managers in deeper seasonal formats may take a turn. The Steelers high school played some of the best games in the NFL early in the season and looked worse for wear. This week won’t be any easier.

When Sam Darnold was the Jets quarterback, slot receivers were the order of the day. Now that Zach Wilson is leading the attack, well… not much has changed. Almost 30% of Wilson’s attempts have gone to the slot machine. This is also where four of his seven interceptions happened, but we won’t focus on that. This is a big reason why Braxton Berrios is the Jets’ top receiver. Berrios’ appeal comes from his volume of targets, since the Jets aren’t in the big game right now. High school for the Titans, however, has been generous this year. Could this be the week when Gang Green wins gold?

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the Titans DST has some appeal in Week 4. The first few weeks of the season have shown streaming rookie quarterback defenses to be a fantastic business model. Streaming against Wilson and his league-leading seven picks has been particularly lucrative. The Jets have, on average, allowed fantastic defenses four more points per game than the closest team. (Hi, hawks!)

Since we are choosing rookie quarterbacks, the Bengals DST looks like a tasty option against Trevor Lawrence and the struggling Jaguars offense. Do you know those seven interceptions I mentioned for Wilson? Well, Lawrence matched them. He’s also playing behind an offensive line that has been doing him a disservice so far. Cincinnati made life miserable for Roethlisberger and the Steelers last week. He is expected to do the same, and more, in Jacksonville on Thursday.


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