New semi-pro football team launched in central Louisiana


LOUISIANA CENTRALE (KALB) – After the high school football season ended in early December, fans thought football was made for the year in Cenla.

However, the Pineville Wolverines, the state’s new semi-pro football team, are looking to bring the excitement back to the field.

The Wolverines are a team made up of a bunch of guys of all ages who are just looking to continue their football career.

“We have players who have played football for years in college or just graduated from high school who want to play ball again,” said head coach and team owner Glen Norman. “We have people who still work full time and have families who come to play just because they love the game.”

Coach Norman himself played semi-professional ball thanks to his cousins ​​who were interested in the sport. He said it was his passion for football that led him to help build a team in Pineville.

“It gives you the freedom to explore different positions and try different things,” said coach Norman. “The kind of love and connection these guys have on and off the pitch is amazing.”

The Pineville Wolverines have players from all over the state on the guy. Some of the players travel almost an hour and a half just to train and play for the team.

Benjamin Avery is part of his semi-professional second team and will play the Wolverines quarterback. He last played for a team in Lake Charles before Hurricanes Laura and Delta severely damaged the area, but he’s now getting his second chance at the sport.

“That’s why I like the semi-pro because it gives everyone the chance to replay because after college or high school some people just don’t have that chance,” Avery said.

The Wolverines’ inaugural season begins in March where they will travel across the state to compete.

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