NFL First Draft: Which Quarterback Comes To The Washington Football Team?


It’s never too early for a mock draft, and ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay’s crystal ball has seen Washington land a potential franchise player next April.

With Ron Rivera’s squad potentially linked to the playoffs, it’s difficult to accurately predict WFT’s draft position. But if the season ended now, Washington would rank 19th. However, McShay used ESPN’s power index to define the fictitious order, where Washington is 13th.

And so, with the 13th pick overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Washington football team selects… Quarterback Matt Corral, Ole Miss.

The last time Washington picked a 13th overall QB was in 2019, and it didn’t really pay off. Dwayne Haskins is now plying his trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers after a brief and disappointing stint at FedEx Field.

However, as the Haskins experiment failed, Washington still needs a franchise QB, and maybe he is lucky for the second time at 13?

Yes, Taylor Heinicke has impressed and proven himself to be a competent starter in the NFL, not to mention a great example of persistence. But McShay says the 28-year-old isn’t the long-term answer.

Taylor Heinicke has surprised this season, leading Washington to the playoffs following Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hip injury in Week 1. But make no mistake: it is not the long term answer. Corral has a smooth release and can shake things up with their feet. Perhaps he could sit down and continue to develop as a pocket passer behind Heinicke in 2022 before taking over. Either way, Washington must find its future under center after taking out Dwayne Haskins in 2019. – Todd McShay


Could Corral be a franchise quarterback? Potentially. Will he end up in Washington? It seems unlikely.

The point is, Washington has a good chance of qualifying for the playoffs, which means they wouldn’t choose near 13th place. If WFT makes the playoffs, even if he falls immediately, he won’t pick for another 19 – by which time Corral will almost certainly be gone.

The only way Corral will end up in Washington is if Rivera’s team struggles in the coming weeks – or if Corral unexpectedly slips.

Either way, there will likely be some needy QB teams above Washington in the draft order that could give Corral a chance i.e. Houston, Caroline, Atlanta and may. -be the Giants.

Corral to Washington would be a solid selection if he was available as a teenager, but the chances of him stumbling across them seem out of reach.


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