NFL Trade Deadline 2021: live updates, rumors and latest offers as teams gear up for second-half push


Welcome to the 2021 NFL trade deadline! Almost every decision-maker in the league on Tuesday was on the verge of trying to spin and negotiate to improve their club for this year’s running or to build in the future. Several conversations materialized in exchanges, while other conversations were not implemented until the league’s 4 p.m. ET deadline.

The first trade to come close to the deadline came on Monday, with Denver sending Von Miller to the Rams for a pair of future second-round picks. Speaking of passer, the Steelers sent former pro Bowler Melvin Ingram to the Chiefs on Tuesday in exchange for a future sixth-round pick. The Dolphins have finally decided to end a potential trade with Houston that would have sent Deshaun Watson to Miami. In Cleveland, the Browns chose to keep wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. despite controversy, including his father’s recent public criticism of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. These are just a few of the big stories from what has been a busy start to Week 9 of the 2021 regular season.

As the trade deadline has passed, the fallout from what has or has not materialized is just beginning. Check out our live blog below for all the new information from what has been a busy day. You can view our scores for each deadline here.


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