Premier League footballers ask Boris Johnson for special treatment over quarantine rules


Some of the Premier League’s biggest foreign stars have made a final appeal to Boris Johnson to cut in half the time they will be banned from seeing loved ones on their return from international duty in the countries on the list red coronavirus from the United Kingdom.

In a letter written by the director general of the Association of Professional Footballers Maheta Molango and countersigned by the players concerned, the Prime Minister is invited to rethink his refusal to reduce the time these players would spend in quarantine from 10 days to five.

The ban for these players to train and play for a week and a half upon their return to the UK – provided they are fully vaccinated – was lifted last week in a bid to resolve club football’s crisis against country.

This was after the government rejected a Premier League proposal to halve the period in which they would otherwise have to self-isolate.

The letter to Johnson, seen by the Telegraph, said players were “required” under Fifa rules to travel to Red List countries if called in by their country.

He added: “Each international window can last up to 15 days. This leaves players heading to red zones to fulfill their international commitments in an impossible position. Under current guidelines, they will be subject to a 10-day quarantine upon their return, which will keep them away from their families for up to 25 days. During a crowded international schedule, some players could be away from family and loved ones for more than 100 days before the end of 2022. This extended period of separation poses a significant risk to their physical and mental well-being. . It is also incompatible with the requirements of domestic play.

“Out of solidarity and mindful of social responsibility, we are offering a five-day quarantine on return to the UK after international duty, in line with the precedent set by the government’s five-day release testing program and exemptions for sportsmen and women. ‘elite. This will ensure that players can continue playing without being away from their families for long periods of time when fulfilling their international obligations. “

Emphasizing the contribution made by footballers during the pandemic, the letter added: “Footballers are aware that they are national role models with a duty to promote responsible behavior regarding the COVID protocol. Since the onset of the global pandemic, players have taken this collective responsibility very seriously, complying with extensive and rigorous testing and all government guidelines in a time of uncertainty and unknown risk.

“During the COVID crisis, the government recognized that the return of football would help ‘boost national morale’ and declared its desire to see football return“ as soon as possible. ”Despite significant reservations from the players As for their safety and that of their families, they have worked with football stakeholders to implement strict measures.

“The players’ commitment to safety has peaked with England, both as host nation and as a team, taking center stage at Euro 2020 throughout this period of global uncertainty.

“PFA members and the government have worked together to bring hope, positivity and a sense of normalcy to the nation through live sport.”


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