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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco fans threw at least one baseball and a bottle of beer on the field Friday night at San Diego Padres outfielder Jurickson Profar, who called the crowd out of Giants games of “the worst in the league”.

The game was briefly delayed after Profar had an exchange with the fans before the start of the third inning. He was warming up in left field and pretending to throw a fly ball into the stands, then turned around and threw it into the seats along the third base line. Someone kicked the ball back into the field.

At the same time, another ball was thrown onto the field, prompting referee team manager Ted Barrett to walk as Profar pointed into the stands. After a few moments, Barrett got one ball back and Profar grabbed the other as the fans booed before play resumed.

“I tried to throw it at a Padres fan,” Profar explained. “I think he missed it and then a Giant fan grabbed it. When I turned around he threw it back and almost hit me. Then I threw it back and they started throwing more. The next time they threw a bottle of beer.

” It is very frustrating. You can talk about whatever you want. You paid to watch the game. These guys are the worst in the league. They can talk but as soon as you try to throw stuff it’s different.

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In the seventh, an aluminum beer bottle ended up on the field as Profar chased Luis Gonzalez’s brace into the left field corner. After the play, an angry Profar threw the bottle aside and repeatedly gestured toward the bleachers.

“I was really angry. I’m a happy guy, but when I get angry it’s different. This thing made me really mad,” Profar said after the game. “It’s very dangerous. I’m not looking. They can hit me on the back of the head. You may have a concussion or something like that.

Profar said it was even more frustrating than at first no one seems to have tried to limit fan behavior. Then his teammate Manny Machado spoke to a referee and a security guard.

“I think they did something afterwards. I saw a lot of security,” Profar said.

Booed all night, Profar finished with three hits as San Diego won 8-7 in 10 innings.

“Pretty wild. It’s pretty hostile here,” Padres teammate Wil Myers said. I don’t agree with what they were doing tonight, but that’s kind of what they are. Hard place to play, good environment.

San Diego manager Bob Melvin said the fans’ behavior was “unwarranted”.

“Everybody knows that,” he said. “How you control that, I’m not sure, but for it to happen a second time wasn’t cool.”

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