Ranking of the 5 best Spanish footballers who have never played in the Premier League


The Premier League, arguably the most exciting of the top five leagues, has seen many legends honor the English elite with their presence. The Premier League has continued to reach new heights since entering the scene in 1992. Due to the excitement surrounding it, the Premier League has generated record numbers of viewers and secured lucrative TV deals over the years. years.

Spain’s rise as a footballing superpower since 2008 has seen many world batsmen dominate the biggest stages in world football. Spain’s golden generation have won two consecutive EURO Cups and a World Cup in the space of four years, prompting the world to wake up to their dominance. Numerous Spanish legends have dominated the biggest stages in club football over the years.

Playing in the Premier League is a dream come true for many, but some Spanish superstars have never played in the Premier League.

Let’s take a look at

Top 5 Spanish players who have never played in the Premier League.

# 5 Raul Gonzalez Blanco

Athletic Bilbao v FC Schalke 04 - UEFA Europa League Quarter-Final
Athletic Bilbao v FC Schalke 04 – UEFA Europa League Quarter-Final

Popularly known as “El Angel de Madrid”, Raul will be remembered as one of the best Spanish strikers of all time. Raul’s career at Real Madrid was nothing short of legendary as he won 16 trophies in 16 seasons with the club.

Raul rose through the ranks at Atletico Madrid as a teenager, but soon moved to Real Madrid. Raul had an immediate impact with Real Madrid’s “C” squad and made his first-team debut when he was just 17 in 1994.

Since then, Raul’s importance to the Spanish giants has never been in doubt as managers and ‘Galacticos’ came and went. Raul helped Real Madrid win three UEFA Champions League titles, among other trophies, in his 16 seasons with the club before moving to Schalke.

Raul has scored in both UEFA Champions League finals and is currently second on the list of all-time all-time scorers in Spain and in Real Madrid history. It’s a shame he didn’t play in the Premier League.

Real Madrid - Atletico de Madrid - Champions League Final
Real Madrid – Atletico de Madrid – Champions League Final

Sergio Ramos, one of football’s greatest defenders of all time, recently joined Paris Saint-Germain in a free transfer from Real Madrid. Ramos was President Florentino Perez’s first Spanish signing in 2005, as the courageous Sevilla defender seemed tailor-made for Los Blancos.

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Only Lionel Messi (383) has won more games in #The league story that Sergio Ramos (334, as Iker Casillas). https://t.co/cEGPc1fP0b

After leaving Sevilla, Sergio Ramos quickly took over the defense of Real Madrid. The first few years were difficult for the Spaniard but he continued to prove his worth in the big stages with age and experience.

Ramos’ career in the Spanish capital has not been without controversy. The former Real Madrid captain holds the record for the most red cards in the Spanish top flight. But he also amassed 22 trophies with the club, including four Champions League titles during his 16 years in office.

Only two players in history have scored more goals in the Champions League final than Ramos. Moreover, no one else has been Los Blancos captain in three Champions League titles except Ramos. His 92nd-minute equalizer against rivals Atletico Madrid in the 2014 final is something that will be forever remembered by Madridistas.

There is still time for Sergio Ramos to appear in the Premier League, but it is highly unlikely due to his age.

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