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FARGO – Garda Ann Cowman isn’t just any Bison football fan. She has been a subscriber for 56 years.

For the past 30 years, Cowman has served as a dressmaker for North Dakota State University Athletics.

“(L) last year we had another patch, we had this patch 150,” Cowman said, as she sat in her cozy North Fargo sewing room on Friday, Jan. 7.

She is with her trusty sewing machine. Over the years, she has seen many come and go.

“I’ve been through several, this (sewing machine) is maybe four or five years old,” she said.

When Cowman watches the Bison play in the championship game on Saturday, the players will be wearing his jerseys.

“If they get a whole new set of uniforms, they all need Valley badges to start with, and hopefully every year championship badges, which (there are) a lot,” Cowman said. .

She sews patches on uniforms, mending tears and holes. Cowman also sewed American flags on Bison track team uniforms, hemmed coaches’ pants, and zipped golf jackets. She does it all.

“I love it, they know I’m available and I can do it, so I do,” she said.

It’s not just sewing. Cowman has been Bison’s teammate and ticket holder since the 1960s, and she hasn’t missed a home game in decades.

“(T) they wear suspenders for the wrong shoulders (…), and that needs a hole in the side of a jersey,” Cowman described.

“Our seats at Dakotah Field were directly across from the President’s lodge,” she said.

From old Dakotah Field to the Fargodome, she followed the Herd.

“I didn’t want the dome, I thought football should be played outside,” Cowman said. “I changed my mind – I might add – a great time. I don’t want to sit outside in (the) cold anymore.”

Patches line the sewing room, marking the story of Garda Ann’s sewing skills to the team. His work will be exhibited during the national championship match.

“Each of these jerseys has been in my sewing room, there’s no question about it,” Garda Ann said.


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