“Selling Messi was not my fault” – La Liga boss Tebas


La Liga president Javier Tebas was one of the guest speakers at the “Festival dello Sport”, an event organized in Italy by the Italian store The Gazzetta dello Sport. The La Liga boss spoke on a variety of topics, including Lionel Messi’s departure to Barcelona and why he thinks Serie A are better placed to catch the Premier League than the Spanish League.

Series A: “Serie A is the only league that can reach Premier League level due to many factors: GDP, population, passion. However, you need to prevent clubs from tripping the league when it tries to grow. And, for that, it is necessary to market much more things than what is allowed today. For Spain it will be difficult to have the same gains as the Premier League, but we have to stay close to stay competitive.

FIFA: “The World Cup every two years interferes with the league championships, we are at a point where we have to decide things together.”

Agents: “It’s a general problem, even if Spain is the country where we pay less and it is thanks to our rules: the salary cap includes commissions.

Tebas: salary cap makes La Liga sustainable

Messi: “Obviously his sale was not my fault. Football needs sustainability. Serie A has been losing money for 20 years, and this is also happening in France. It does not happen in Germany and Spain. . “

PSG: “Rules are necessary, because without them we have a team like PSG who earn 400 million and spend 600 million only on salaries. It was not our fault that Messi did not renew, we have a salary cap and that makes La Liga sustainable. “

Super League: “It is essential that all leagues are financially strong, the risk of a Super League is always high. I told [Andrea] Agnelli (president of Juventus and one of the leaders of the Super League project): “Do you really want to join the Super League, where Madrid and Barça will always win more than you?” “

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