The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t a good football team right now


The Chiefs are not performing at a high level and have never done so this season. It’s time to think about the Wild Cards playoff round.

The Kansas City Chiefs cling to relevance by the skin of their teeth. As the team entered the season with expectations that were impossible to meet, they arrived faster than anyone could have expected. With wins over the Washington football team, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Browns, the Chiefs have yet to prove they can hang on to top NFL teams.

Now the Chiefs are considering their remaining schedule and are hoping they can hang on long enough to advance to the playoffs. The team is currently beating a 3-4 barrel record with games against the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys on the schedule. This means the Chiefs have given themselves no room for error. If the chiefs hope they can even Make the playoffs, they have to beat teams that have rosters lower than them. So far this has turned out to be a difficult task

No one really knows what to think about what we are seeing. As Andy Reid steps onto the podium and says something positive and promises to “turn things around”, there is very little reason to be satisfied after last week’s bombing of the Tennessee Titans. The point is, the leaders have been bad. The team were unable to roll with the punches and remain calm.

The Chiefs just aren’t a good football team right now.

Patrick Mahomes didn’t have a good game on Sunday and frankly didn’t have a great year by his ridiculous standards. While Chiefs fans on social media want to accuse Mahomes of being too focused on sponsorship deals instead of gaming, I think Mahomes is the only bright spot in the squad right now. Yeah, Mahomes threw a bunch of interceptions. Yes, he is in a hurry. It is not the problem. Mahomes has done his best to keep the Chiefs in games they frankly didn’t deserve to be in. He always makes ridiculous throws despite the horrific circumstances in which he is playing.

The Chiefs can’t stop on defense, at least not in the first half. This caused the biggest share of trouble with Mahomes and, frankly, the offense in general. It’s not fair for offense that they think every workout is the last equivalent Super Bowl workout because defense is way beyond putrid.

Frank Clark spent his time laughing with his teammates on the sidelines at the end of the game. Tyrann Mathieu shouted and got angry with the defense again. Steve Spagnuolo had his team unprepared for anyone other than Derrick Henry. It has been a confusing mess. As much as the Chiefs’ defensive leaders, namely Mathieu, want you to believe that this is a tight group working to fix their mistakes, nothing has worked. Instead, the team spent time criticizing members of the media and fans on Twitter.

The Chiefs offense must have pushed the ball into the field much sooner than it normally should. Mahomes is still a superstar, but this season hasn’t been kind to him. He was the victim of bad receiver drops and lucky interceptions. What was unexpected, however, was how much the blockage was on the left side of the line. While the inside of the offensive line has been top notch, we can no longer ignore the pressure exerted by Mahomes. Against Tennessee, Mahomes has been assaulted in almost every fall. This pressure was the most important factor that allowed the offense to score three points that day.

While that is disappointing in itself, Brett Veach has invested heavily in the offensive line this past offseason. In the one before, he invested in defense. These always seem to be weaknesses, at least to some extent.

Much will depend on how Kansas City reacts over the next two weeks. Will they be a team eager to participate in the Wild Cards tour? Will they wait for the draft? What position will catch Veach’s attention to the point that he tries to over-correct it?

The horrible truth that no one wants to hear or mention is that our beloved Kansas City Chiefs are not going to the Super Bowl. They are not competing for the AFC. They are competing for their life in the playoffs. They just aren’t a good football team right now.


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