The ten best recruits of the Urban Meyer era


It’s the offseason for the Ohio State football team. That being said, it opens up some fun discussions we can have here at Scarlet and Game. Ohio State had a very good football era under Urban Meyer. Most of his recruits have now left or are now seniors.

That being the case, I’d like to take a look at some of these players who have come through Columbus over the past few years. Ohio State won a national championship under Meyer and went one undefeated season in another. His teams were really, really good.

Because there were so many great players, I decided I couldn’t narrow it down too much. I feel like ten is as good a number as any to tell how many great Meyers have brought into the Ohio State football program. 5 is not enough and 15 may be too much.

Even so, reducing it to 10 was extremely difficult. As I mentioned, there were a lot of great players who came here to play for Meyer. He had 6 recruiting classes and a lot of those players were four or five star guys. He brought a lot of talent.

To make things even harder, I’ve ranked these recruits 10 to 1 in this slideshow. Assigning them a definitive classification was extremely difficult. I also only consider the production they had in Ohio State. So things they did at another school or in the NFL don’t count for this exercise.

That said, here we go! We start with the 10th best recruit of the Urban Meyer era.


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