Top 5 best La Liga players 2022


La Liga is the men’s top division of professional football in the stylized Spanish football league system. It is fully controlled by the Liga National de Football Professional. At the same time, 20 teams compete here. With this, at the end of each season, the three lowest home teams are demoted to the Segunda Division. Check out the top 5 players in La Liga 2022.

Simultaneously, the top two teams and a play-off are reinstated. Meanwhile, a total of 62 teams have competed in La Liga since its inception. Moreover, nine teams became champions and Barcelona won the La Liga opener. Likewise, Real Madrid have won a record 35 titles.

Top 5 best La Liga players 2022

Both teams have proven to be the strongest since La Liga’s inception. And these two teams are none other than Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. However, at the moment, Argentina came in between them and took up a lot of space.

Moreover, according to the UEFA League ranking, La Liga is the best league in Europe every 7 years. We all know how dominant La Liga is in the history of football. To date, this club has imagined the most prestigious pearl of our football.

It is undeniable that this club is very important for football. Likewise, we take a look at this year’s La Liga ranking player.

5. Casemiro:

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Casimiro is a Brazilian professional footballer. He plays in La Liga mainly for Spanish club Real Madrid. And at the same time, he plays as a defensive midfielder.

Casimiro is considered one of the best defensive midfielders in world football. The total number of games he has played in La Liga is 32. And the number of goals is one.

In this condition, his La Liga ranking in 2022 stands at 5 where his rating is 7.62.

4. Ousmane Dembele:

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Dembélé is a French professional footballer. Who plays for Barcelona in La Liga. Moreover, he played for the France national team as a winger.

More importantly, Dembele went on to win La Liga and Copa del Rey in the Spanish debut season.

However, he currently has a total of 21 La Liga appearances. As a result, his rating is 7.65 and his rank is 4.

3. Jordi Alba:

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Jordi Alba is a Spanish professional footballer. He mainly played for La Liga club Barcelona as a left-back. The funny thing is that when he started his career at Barcelona, ​​he was fired because he thought he was too young. He then returned to Barcelona in 2012.

And since then, he has held sixteen major accolades. Likewise, his total number of matches played in La Liga is 30. Where his total number of goals is 2. Accordingly, his rank is 3 and his score is 7.78.

2. Vinicius Junior:

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He is the winner of the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final at Real Madrid. Yes, I’m talking about Vinicius. Who is considered a good emerging player in La Liga? At the same time, he plays for Real Madrid as a left winger in La Liga.

However, it was he who helped them win the 2021-22 La Liga title. Moreover, in the fourth season, Vinicius established himself as a special member of the Real Madrid squad.

Meanwhile, the total number of matches he has played in La Liga so far is 35. Meanwhile, his total number of goals is 17. For which he took his rating to 7.79.

1. Karim Benzema:

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Now, the person I’m going to talk about is called a legend, but maybe less so. At the same time the name of this person, Messi, Ronaldo is spoken with them. This is Karim Benzema. The number of records in his possession is so high that anyone would tire of speaking and writing.

However, he played for Real Madrid as a La Liga centre-forward. Not only that, he is known for his creative and cheerful playmaking and finishing skills. That’s why he is considered one of the best strikers of his generation.

Moreover, he is Real Madrid’s second all-time top scorer. So the total number of La Liga games with this top scorer is 32. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old has 27 goals. As a result, his rating was raised to 8.03.


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