Vinicius’ SMS contradict André Cury’s claims on “Cule”


FFormer Barcelona technical secretary Andre Cury has called Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. a Barcelona fan, but the unearthed messages of his signing at Los Blancos seem to contradict claims.

Vinicius” labeling as Barcelona the fan comes after turning down a transfer to the Catalan side in 2017 when he instead moved from Flamengo at Real Madrid.

In a documentary released last year, Vinicius spoke about the move, detailing how his decision to move to Madrid was made and contradicting Curiathe previous words about him being a Barcelona fan.

“When I was on the Flamengo under-17 side, my parents went to Barcelona,” noted Vinicius. “They came back and then two days later they left for Madrid.

“They visited the club and looked at everything and felt like this was the place. real Madrid are the biggest club in the world and the one with the most titles. I have always supported real Madrid, ”

Vinicius‘father added: “He has always been a real Madrid fan.”

Vinicius’ agent Lucas Mineiro also highlighted his client’s trip to the Spanish capital in the same documentary.

“After the South American Under-17 Championship, we had five clubs from different countries who came to me and told me they wanted to make an offer. [for Vinicius], Mineiro said.

“Fred [Frederico Pena] called me and said ‘We have to talk to Vini, the time has come and you have to make a decision; Real Madrid or Barcelona. ‘

“Then Vinicius sent me a very clear message ‘We are aiming for the best in the world, Real!'”

Since Vinicius arrive at real Madrid, there was never any question of his love for the club, as he is constantly seen kissing the badge after scoring and jumping into the crowd of fans.

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