Voice of the Fan: Bills Football Team shows again why the focus is on the team | Buffalo Bills News | NFL


Bills running back Devin Singletary (26) jumps over an opponent during the third quarter on Sunday at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.

James P. McCoy / Buffalo News

The worst name of all sports, the Washington football team, should be quickly rebranded, the “Washington football players” because it was not a team or team effort. A few individual guys made a few isolated plays. If it hadn’t been for a pylon fetish, they might not have scored.

The Buffalo Bills, however, aren’t a team of rivals as much as a team of besties – and they looked like it.

Quarterback Josh Allen was as efficient, precise and productive as ever. For 20 years, quarterbacks and fans of the Bills, faced with a third and a 7 or more, had virtually no chance or hope of scoring the first goal. In the Bills’ first practice, at thirds and -15s, we legitimately think, “Oh, Josh is going to pick this up,” and he did, with a 20-yard strike to Gabe Davis. Confidence is a powerful drug.

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Allen was never sacked and barely touched, accounting for five touchdowns and zero turnovers. Allen avoided Washington rushers like Washington politicians shirk responsibility.

Emmanuel Sanders is already worth money and a valuable cog; often opening deeply and making diving and fingertip holds. Cole Beasley and the Chainmovers rocked all day.

Emerging tight end Dawson Knox’s touchdown was terrific on five different levels: timing, jumping, hands, remaining inbounds through possession and even the savvy little push. Not to mention a superb tactile pass from Allen. Knox has become… reliable? He has seven touchdowns and zero drop since the middle of last season.


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