Washington football team hints at trade for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson?


The Washington football team is about to have a new name.

And it looks like coach Ron Rivera might be interested in the WFT having a new quarterback as well.

Rivera cannot speak publicly about a trade with the Washington football team for Deshaun Watson; that would be falsification.

But he can – and speaks – in general about why a player like Deshaun Watson would like to play in a place like Washington.

“Why not? Why don’t they come here?” Rivera said this week in a radio interview, responding to the hosts’ suggestion that high-profile QB would not be attracted to coming to DC.

The hosts cited an assortment of Washington issues, to which Rivera replied, “What’s curing all this? Winning.”

Asked specifically about Watson, destined to be traded this offseason by the Houston Texans, the WFT coach did not hesitate to make optimistic noises about the concept – at least in general.

Rivera said, “This organization will be able to do what it needs to do, okay? And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

That’s all he can say, really – although the coach didn’t even have to say the same. How many does Rivera speak in general? How much does he speak out of pride of what he is building in Washington? How much has he changed his mind from a year ago when he was basically of the opinion that franchising shouldn’t pay too much in a trade?

Watson still has his legal issues and Houston still wants his three first-round picks in Trading. Watson also has a veto power built into his contract, and there was a time when Philadelphia and Cleveland were among the destinations he was not going to favor. Maybe now that Miami has fired coach Brian Flores, other doors will open in ways that will benefit Houston.

Rivera doesn’t really give approval to this particular business scenario. But his open discussion of the idea indicates an open mind … making the Washington football team another potential bidder on Watson worth watching.


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