WFT Tries To Honor Sean Taylor Again


The Washington football team paid tribute to former star goaltender Sean Taylor earlier this season, with mixed results. Well, Washington has other plans to honor Taylor in a special way next season, as NFL Network’s James Palmer reported.

It’s a cool way to honor one of the greatest players to ever wear the Washington football team uniform. Washington fans will surely enjoy seeing the Taylor Memorial at FedEx Field next season.

Taylor rose to fame as a member of the Washington football team during the Pro Bowl seasons of 2006 and 2007, becoming known for his hard shots and great playing skills. The sky was apparently the limit of the game. Taylor’s career in the NFL before it was tragically cut short. Taylor was shot dead at his home by an intruder in November 2007.

The Washington football team are clearly doing their best to honor Taylor, one of the franchise’s best players. Hopefully Washington does it for the right reasons.

Their motives were called into question earlier this season when they hosted a retirement ceremony for Taylor amid an ongoing investigation into an organizational scandal involving owner Dan Snyder.

There are no doubt those who will question Washington’s intention behind the statue’s planned unveiling, although in the end, it’s a beautiful way to honor Sean Taylor, who will forever be a part of the history of the franchise.

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