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PARKERSBURG – The following properties in Wood County were transferred from June 1-4:

* Patsy D. Tincher Executor, Wayne Keith Amos Estate Of Connie Gail Amos Indirect, to Corey E. Steele and Amber D. Steele, Lot 101 Windsor Estates S / D District, City Of Parkersburg, $ 285,000.

* Monica Lynn Fiorini at Foggin Rentals LLC, Pt Lot 7 Ga Davis R / D Hj Ross S / D Parkersburg Industrial Companys Little Farm Adn #, Town of Parkersburg, $ 30,000.

* Carrie Genovese, to Joseph Walker, Lot 82, Stewart’s Second DNA City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 35,000.

* David B. Wamsley and Brenda R. Wamsley, at Tyler Bailey, PT Lot 33 St. Mary’s Court DNA Exception & All In Int City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 78,000.

* Victor B. Tweel, to Justin N. Cline, PT Lot 213-D Rev Allotment No. 2 Avalon, ADN City of Vienna, City of Vienna, $ 141,000.

* Rebecca s. Struthers and William P. Bonar Indirect, to Anthony W. Parsons, PT Lots 235, 236 and 237 Fairplains DNA No 1 Less Exception City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 6,000.

* Chauncy James, Russell James Indirect, David G. Palmer, Attorney, Debra L. Winans, Indirect, and Jimmy R. James, Indirect, to Valerie J. Hatcher, Lots 83 and 84 Lawrence Cale DNA Parkersburg District, City of Parkersburg, $ 125,000.

* Heartwood Forestland Fund IV Limited Partnership, to Joseph M. Cottrill, Melanie M. Cottrill, Daniel L. Johnson and Vicky Johnson, TCT 5.4463-A Olive Ridge Road & TCT 23-A Walker Road & TCT 11 51/100-A & TCT 52.5-A, Walker District, $ 164,350.

* Quienton Garrett and Melanie Garrett, to Cody H. Moore and Kate Moore, TCT 2.13-A Butcher Bend Road Less R / W Slate District, Slate District, $ 50,000.

* Joshua Lee Yearego and Taylor K. Yearego, to Michael Wilson Jr. and Lynda Wilson, Lot 14 Section B Parkland Development Inc. Section A & B City of Vienna, City of Vienna, $ 235,000.

* Victoria D. Barker and David C. Barker, to David C. Barker and Heather N. Barker, All INT TCT State Route No. 2 Less Exception Harris District, Harris District, $ 100.

* James I. Tracewell II and Jackie L. Tracewell Indirect, to Christopher L. Parks and Edith Maxine Hart, Lots 1,2,3,4 & 5 Raymond Gorrell S / D DNA No 2 Lubeck District, Lubeck District, $ 480,000

* Robert M. Wenmoth Estate of Robert Michael Wenmoth Jr. & Executor, Todd Baxer Wenmoth, Amy Beth Wenmoth and Lori Ann Tingler, Lot 1 Virgin’s S / D Davidson Pearcy’s DNA City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 105,000.

* Taylor N. Sheehy, to Lee Ann Carpenter, Lot 28 and PT Lot 29 Columbia Terrace DNA Town of Parkersburg, Town of Parkersburg, $ 150,000.

* Meredith Ward, to Ryan S. Ward, TCT 2.708-A WV St RT 21Steele District & ALL INT OGMS Where applicable, Steele District, $ 125,000.

* Oney Jacob Gabbert and Terrie L. Gabbert, to Cassandra D. Kimball and Christopher A. Kimball, Lot 18 First Rev Plat Ponderosa DNA NOS 1 & 2 & ALL INT OGMS Where applicable, Williams District, Williams District, $ 78,400.

* Valerie Marie Matthews, Erika Dawn Krieg, Everett R. Waybright Indirect, Rosie K. Waybright AKA Indirect and Rosie Katherina Waybright Indirect, to Tyler A. Gibson and Melonna Amber Gibson, TCT 19.574-A I-17 Less Exception Williams District, District de Williams, $ 225,000.

* Stacey L. Miller, Timothy L. Miller and Darrell Lee Wright Indirect, to Angela D. Lemley and James Lemley, TCT 1.18-A Lee Creek Road Harris District, Harris District, $ 22,500.

* Charles R. Rice Jr. and Regina L. Rice, to Shawn Ferrebee, PT Lot 133 Maxwell and Pearcy’s DNA City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 130,000.

* Steven B. Seckman and Sherry L. Seckman, to Jason E. Bailey and Kristy R. Bailey, Lots 9 and 10 Harvey’s Marah’s S / D Parkersburg Industrial Company’s Little Farms DNA, Town of Parkersburg, $ 110,000.

* Kitty L. Gandee, FKA, Kitty L Martin, to Rachel D. Martin. TCT 0.447-A Society Hill Road Slate District, Slate District, $ 172,000.

* Jeff S. Sandy, to David M. Fleming and Cinda L. Fleming., PT Lot 8 Stonecroft DNA City of Vienna, City of Vienna, $ 437,000.

* Taylor Small and Jami Dillon Indirect, to Rylee Dillon, all INT LOT 159 Fairground Park DNA Town of Parkersburg, Town of Parkersburg, $ 10,000.

* Lon Matthew Cooke and Carolyn S. Cooke, to Jacob A. Gold and Taylor M. Gold, LOT 0.161-A 58th St City of Vienna, City of Vienna, $ 155,000.

* OB Epling, to Patrick J. Taylor, LOTS 19, 20 & 21 Rev. GR Allman DNA Less Exception, City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 3,000.

* Jordan M. Hoschar, in Quienton Derrick Garrett and Melanie Renee Garrett, LOT 16 & 17 Block G Edgelawn DNA Town of Parkersburg, Town of Parkersburg, $ 85,000.

* Chad W. Woodyard and Claudine R. Woodyard, to Jordan Michael Hoschar and Alexandra Viola Hoscar, LOT 6 Block D REV PLAT # 3 Randolph Plaza DNA Town of Parkersburg, Town of Parkersburg, $ 150,000.

* Michael Lewis, to Allison Nicole Monroe, LOT 27 Mullenix S / D Section 2 and Easement, Union District, Union District, $ 212,000.

* David Theron Bounds and Joan J. Bounds, to Eric Daniel MacDermaid and Therese Ann MacDermaid, PT LOT 4 JW Burge Partition & TC 1.161-A Williams District, Williams District, $ 225,000.

* David E. Clark, and David E. Clark, to Lauren Davis, and Austin Davis, LOT 12 JC DNA Trembly City of Vienna, City of Vienna, $ 230,500.

* Gina Lynn Marchand, Steven Ray Harman, Lauri Ann Reed, Barbara A. Kiser Harman Indirect and Donald G. Harman Indirect, to Brandon James Ullom and Kelsi C. Ullom, LOT 0.298-A & R / W & Lot 2057 SQ FT Ville of Vienna, City of Vienna, $ 225,000.

* Juanita F. Buckbee, to Julie R. Curfman, TCT 100-A & TCT 1 1/2 -A Fewer exceptions Steele District, Steele District, $ 120,000.

* Andrew C. Woofter III PLLC Alternate Administrator, Khaila Bennett Indirect and Dorsey Bennett Indirect, to James G. Burdette Jr and Waynetta D. Burdette, All INT TCT 0.46-A District of Lubeck, District of Lubeck, $ 61,570.87.

* Phillip I. Fleming II, to Vicki Lynn Wolfe, LOT 20 JW Dudley’s DNA City of Parkersburg, City of Parkersburg, $ 52,275.

* John S. Hendricks and Donna Mae Hendircks Indirect, to Ronald F Lockhart and Amanda L. Lockhart, TCT 0.479-A County RT 50/11 Less R / W Clay District, Clay District, $ 60,000.

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